• Friday Photo from Tangkuban Perahu: Danger in Beauty

    25 November 2010

    I forgot how amazing the view at Tangkuban Perahu mountain is, or the crater to be exact, until I visited it again just a few days ago with Mumun on my 2-day escape from busy Jakarta. The last time I ...
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  • Monday Photo from Makassar: A Joy and Humbleness

    7 November 2010

      There are a lot of pictures of Indonesia and it’s people on the web these days. There’s so much of these pictures, it’s roughly predictable. However, there are a handful that really sp ...
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  • Monday Photo : The Cough of Anak Gunung Krakatau

    1 November 2010

    The difference being with human cough, when this mountain clears its ‘throat’, it can shake the whole Rakata Island. At a glance I admit it does look threatening, but it was actually also a precio ...
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  • Monday Photo : Badul Island, Banten

    23 August 2010

    See that beauty down there? It's an island in the Sumur Village, Banten Province. Indonesia has 17,000 (or more) islands including the very small and unoccupied ones like this Badul Island. It's a cho ...
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  • A Reply for Cumidaniciki in Malaysia

    23 January 2010

    January, 2010 Hi, this is a special entry to fulfil an Indohoy reader's need of info. We were supposed to reply to their email, but somehow the email delivery failed. Wanting to help out as much as we ...
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