• Bring Indonesian Style Into Your Home

    18 December 2013

    This post is a contribution from Marie Wright, a full-time mother, writer and interior decorator from South London. She balances work, family and home life with the perfect feng shui of island inspire ...
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  • Chill, It’s the #FriFotos

    6 December 2013

    This week's #FriFotos theme is Chill. It's been a while since we participate in the #FriFotos. That's probably because we've been chilling a little bit too much... Chillin' with the boatman at Balu ...
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  • Jimbaran Sunset – Friday Photo

    15 November 2013

    Jimbaran area in Bali is famous for its row of seafood restaurants. Visitors go there especially for dinner and jam-pack the beach since daylight. I'm a seafood lover, but I didn't get the hype. I had ...
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  • Terios 7 Wonders: Observing the Road and the Life of Baluran National Park

    10 October 2013

    Day 6-7. Destination: Baluran National Park. It was easy to understand that we were to visit Baluran National Park as the next destination. By location, it’s smacked in the middle of our route. W ...
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  • Terios 7 Wonder: Camping at Ranu Pane, at the Foot of Semeru Mountain

    7 October 2013

    Day 4-5. Destination: Ranu Pane. By this day, I knew more of my bigger traveling family, which are drivers, winners of the Terios 7 Wonder blogging competition, and a few reporters from automotive me ...
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  • Ijen Crater, East Java – Never Hike Again!

    11 September 2013

    Remember how we huffed n’ puffed when hiking a hill on Dieng Plateau? I swore I wasn’t ever going to hike a hill or a mountain again! And like many ‘nevers’, this promise was finally broken, i ...
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  • Co-Working Space in Jakarta: Comma Indonesia

    6 September 2013

      Sharing is a concept embedded in the Indonesian culture since forever, as many cultures in the world. So, it’s not something new. From sharing the daily paper at the town center to sharing ...
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  • Restaurants and Cafes in Jakarta

    16 August 2013

    This is not a list of all restaurants and cafes in Jakarta. I would love to provide that information for you, but unfortunately I don’t have the resources, time and energy to do that. This is just a ...
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  • Have Churros in Churreria – Restaurant and Cafe in Jakarta part 5

    9 August 2013

    I totally blame my fondness of churros to the foodies I was with in Bali last year. I tagged along with Jie, Ruby and Jenz to Sea Circus and they ordered a portion of churros to be shared. After a few ...
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  • Giveaway: #LebaranGift

    29 July 2013

    Hey guys, we’re back with another giveaway to celebrate  Lebaran, it's called #LebaranGift. This time we’d like to know which of our posts you like most. We need the feedback for a better Indohoy ...
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