• Museum Tempo Doeloe – Monday Photo

    24 June 2013

    Museum Tempo Doeloe or translated as 'old time museum' is a relatively newly opened museum in the heart of Malang city, East Java. It displays generally the history of Indonesia, focusing more on ...
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  • Chanting at Candi Borobudur – Friday Photo

    7 June 2013

    Remember the story about my trip to Borobudur in 2012? I was there with a few friends from Jakarta and Bandung. One of them, Kandi, was curious to see the Vesak ceremony at Candi Borobudur once again. ...
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  • Vintage Cigarette Labels – Monday Photo

    31 March 2013

      East Java is a source of evil, in a way that there are so many cigarette factories in the province. Here's a proof of it: a collection cigarette labels carrying various brands. I saw this in Inggi ...
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  • Hifatlobrain.net – High Fat, Low Brain Travel Bunch

    1 March 2013

      If there is one thing that I was looking forward to do in Surabaya, it would be meeting up with the Hifatlobrain-ers. Www.Hifatlobrain.net blog is one of my favorite Indonesian travel blogs ...
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  • Petak Sembilan Market, Jakarta

    27 February 2013

    What does Superman do when there’s no one asking for help?  He sells fruits! Like you see in the picture below. Superman truly is a savior, because if there was no fruits rich with vitamins within ...
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  • Isolated at Sea, ‘Kepulauan Seribu’ – Monday Photo

    18 February 2013

      Just when you think that life on an isolated island would be... well isolated, 'Kepulauan Seribu', DKI Jakarta redefines it. This is a real house that is built in the middle of a sand bar. W ...
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  • Indonesian Traditional Food – Friday Photo

    28 December 2012

      Oh how we love our traditional food! For those traveling anywhere in Indonesia –or the world for that matter – the local food is another channel to understand the native culture upon you ...
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  • Beautifully Bent

    2 November 2012

      It took us some time to figure out how we can participate in this weeks #FriFotos theme: curve. First thing that came to mind are extreme curved structure or aurora pics at the poles to real ...
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  • Monday Photo from Baluran – Indonesia is Hot!

    29 October 2012

    Ah Indonesia! A country so lush with tropical forest and green with rice paddies. Or so it may seem. If this is the Indonesia you've been hearing about, maybe it's time for us to tweak this image just ...
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  • #FriFotos – Gold Digger

    26 October 2012

    Something golden is always thought of as something worth above all else. It’s high-priced, divine, and luxurious. We haven’t been ones who are big on bling blings, so it took us quite a while to d ...
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