• Back from Greece. A Dream Destination, Checked!

    15 June 2015

        We’re back! It’s been two weeks since our last post, the longest break we’ve had on blogging. It’s not that we forgot to, on the contrary we missed blogging so much! Bu ...
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  • That Magical Feeling of Being on the Road

    11 February 2015

    It is the week of reminiscence. Mumun had just reminisced about her road trip with Puspita the Volkswagen one blog post ago, and now I’m taking you back to our Indochine trip a few years back. It ...
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  • Ha Long Bay, Our Cruising Experience in Vietnam

    8 December 2014

    After failing to cruise the Ha Long Bay in 2009 due to the effect from typhoon, we went back and take that risk again four years later! This time we were blessed with good weather and went on a 3D2N ...
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  • 7 Reasons To Love Singapore And Counting..

    13 August 2014

    Singapore is a city and country that is often misjudged by visitors, at least those around me. “It’s only good for shopping at the malls, it’s boring,” “It’s too organized,” “It’s no ...
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  • 7 Fun Activities in Laos

    11 July 2014

    I’m totally blaming Adventurous Kate for introducing Laos to me through her blog. She made it seem so fun for its rawness, crazy partying and all other fun activities in Laos. I just had to go there ...
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  • Paris Isn’t Romantic, Not Conventionally

    2 May 2014

    How would you feel being single and traveling to Paris, the world’s city of love? I was nervous over the idea. Prior to arrival, I had cold feet because I didn’t know how I’d feel once I smell t ...
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  • Hammam – Bathed by a Moroccan Woman

    9 March 2014

      Relive you childhood bathing days! Have somebody scrub you down and reminisce that time you were a kid and your mom, dad, or those that raised you, bathing you. Yes! You can. All in a hammam ...
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  • My Favorite Temples of Bagan, Burma

    7 February 2014

      I’ve probably annoyed Mumun with my story about Bagan, Burma (or Myanmar) because I’ve told her too many times about it while she really wants to go there, too. But I’ve never told ...
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  • A Glimpse of Lisbon, Portugal

    2 February 2014

      I promised my friend, Aci, that I’d visit her in Lisbon one day. It took me 8 years to finally make this come true. I didn’t have high expectations for Lisbon, except to snack olives wit ...
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  • Getting High in Chefchaouen, Morocco.

    10 January 2014

      “What? No one offered you weed? At all?” “Nope!” I answered Nia, who was surprised and unusually louder than me. I guess she was really flabbergasted. “Were you dressed too c ...
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