• Highlights of My Days in Manila

    1 October 2013

    “I brought you something from Manila,” said my friend Budi, while handing me something wrapped in paper. “Oh my god, really? What’s this?” I asked excitingly. “It’s compact tsoko ...
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  • Travel Vietnam – Hopeless for Hanoi

    9 July 2013

      As we've mentioned before, we're going to share some notes from some of our experience traveling abroad. Just in case you don't remember why we're sharing this information, you can check our ...
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  • Meeting People Abroad – A Note From Our Cruise in Halong Bay, Vietnam

    29 April 2013

      It’s almost noon and I haven’t done much work at the office. I’d rather look at the pictures of our trip to Halong Bay a couple of days ago. Oh boy, this is one of the worst “holiday ...
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  • Do Travel Abroad!

    15 April 2013

      “I thought the good parts were only near the Twin Towers. Turns out, Kuala Lumpur is clean and organized in the rural areas too. You should have seen it!” My mother was telling me about ...
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  • Traveling With The Master: My Mum

    31 January 2012

    It’s one thing to be grateful that your parents taught you something good when you were a kid, but it’s a totally different thing when you relive the lesson. I’ve always known that my traveli ...
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