Dealing with money in Indochina

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Meet Elaine, the owner of Trail of Asia, a travel blog all about traveling Africa. No, just kidding. Asia, of course. She’s our guest blogger, just in case you guys are tired hearing us yapping about ‘me, we, I, us, and mine’. Elaine has yet to travel Indonesia, but she has a few great tips that are also helpful all around Asia, including Indonesia. What else if not about money?

Dealing with money in Indochina

The French indochina consists of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.These 3 countries have their own currencies such as Dong, Riel and Kip respectively. When traveling in Vietnam, Dong is widely used instead of USD as Dong is more established and acceptable currency as compare to its neighboring countries. But in Cambodia and Laos, USD is widely used in urban areas as their local currencies are used for fractional dollar amounts as U.S. coins are not in circulation.

Travel Indonesia: Money

When exchanging USD, whether you are buying USD from the bank, money changer or receiving change in USD in the market, make sure the USD notes are fairly new, crisp with no marks or stain. As counterfeit money is common, even the bank will not accept old and scribbled USD notes. It is best to have small denomination with you not greater than USD20, as things are fairly cheap over there and this is also to avoid from receiving old notes. Make sure you check your USD notes one by one because sometimes they tend to slip in dirty notes and hope you don’t realize it. If you are not happy with the condition, do ask them politely for newer notes. Otherwise you will definitely have hard times to get rid of the notes in the country.

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