Traveling to Come Back

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“We won’t be online in the beginning of April. We’re traveling abroad”.

“Why?” asks a friend, “You guys are Indohoy, aren’t you supposed to travel Indonesia?” he continues, and of course we just smile.

That is a very good question. After all that persuasion to travel Indonesia, why should we travel abroad?

To be honest, we have a few excuses to travel abroad. Traveling Indonesia is no doubt a lot of fun, but we need a change of ambience once in a while just to refresh our travel bugs. We, too, want to travel to a place where we don’t understand what’s going on. We won’t know what the people are saying, can’t read the writings, and can’t figure how the hell things work. We want to be the ones in oblivion and enjoy different things that we don’t have here. We also want the rare occasion of splashing around 😀

This was also triggered by our encounter with Ben and Stephanie, a German couple traveling Dieng. Ben claims that he loves Indonesia the most compared to all the South-East Asia countries and Australia he had visited. Indonesia offers variation that he’s looking for. Not to mention, cheap 😀 His reasoning is valid since he did travel to a lot of countries before making this conclusion. We need to do the same. As much as we believe that Indonesia has much more to offer, we have to really prove it with our own eyes.

It’s also because we traveled abroad that we realize that we needed to make a website to support Indonesian tourism in the first place. Once we traveled a few other countries, we understood what Indonesia offers and how we are in dire need for an information channel on how to travel this magnificent yet strange country *drama mode.

We encourage anyone to travel abroad. Seeing other countries will help you understand what your own country has or has not, should you be proud of it or not, or should you even come back to it or not. You should toadilly do it! Ribbit!

Travel Indonesia: Jakarta

Map picture was from

So, we’re traveling up north for a while. The website will be unattended for a while but we’ll stay in contact through email and other social medias should we be graced with Internet connection where ever we’re traveling. So don’t let us go just yet and stay tuned when we come back, cause we still gots more to tell you about this Indonesia. You don’t wanna miss it!

As English would say ‘See you later’, we say “Sampai Jumpa!”. We’ll be  back in about 2 weeks, a’ight?! Miss us!!!

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