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“I thought the good parts were only near the Twin Towers. Turns out, Kuala Lumpur is clean and organized in the rural areas too. You should have seen it!” My mother was telling me about how impressed she was after she had traveled around Kuala Lumpur on public transport to Putra Jaya and IKEA all by herself. She was still going on after 30 minutes. I was partially sad not being able to accompany her but it was entertaining to see that she had a great time. She told me of her admiration of the city and suburban areas. She’s 55 years old and she still learns about Malaysia that she has visited countless times now.

travel abroad, Malaka

The streams of Malaysia are cleaner

My mother loves to travel abroad. She would hop on any opportunity she can, including selling cupboards of Tupperware, just to see other countries. Window-shopping is her favorite activity but she just loves jumping in and out of public transport for the sake of seeing something new. She always encourages me to travel abroad and take her with me 😛

Unlike my mother, some travelers in Indonesia (or: some Indonesian travelers) encourage people just to travel domestically before traveling abroad. They would say that this country can offer you things other countries have and that we shouldn’t take the effort to travel abroad. That sentence is partially true and I used to be one of them. Through time, I realized that this wasn’t the exact ‘-ism’ for me. And who am I to say my mother was wrong? I could instantly get hit by lightning.

travel abroad, Macau

Preserved old building in Macau

As we see this phenomenon amongst travel enthusiasts and discussed the pros and cons, we’ve decided. Indohoy disagrees, especially when it’s correlated with being a nationalist. People should always travel abroad and probably as much as they travel their own country. This works vice versa.

We love Indonesia and you probably already know that by now. We’ve traveled to some parts of Indonesia and we’ve learned so much about it, as much as we’ve learned about ourselves as Indonesians. However, this definition becomes a lot richer after traveling abroad. You remember our big bang to Indohoy,right?

The seas are awesome in Indonesia, the people are really friendly, the climate spoils us, and cost can be at a very low end. We also suck when it comes to garbage and road regulations. But we can say that because we’ve seen other countries. Can you?

travel abroad, Patuxai Vientiane

Surprisingly interesting structure. Patuxai – Vientiane, Laos.

We would always push ourselves to travel abroad and see the world whenever possible. We believe traveling abroad is inspiring. It’s not like traveling your own country. You don’t speak the language, you can’t read the wormy signs, you don’t get the system, and you can only guess what’s in the dish that you’ve struggled to pronounce. You also have to take extra care ‘cause you can get in a shit load of trouble compared to the same crime in your own country. Traveling abroad broadens your mind, your boundaries and your box. Of course, it’s no guarantee, but hey, there’s always that chance. *fingers crossed

Honestly, traveling abroad with Vira to Vietnam, and also Renny, for the first time probably was one of Indohoy’s strongest and first glue including with Renny, a good friend of ours who was traveling with us. We had to deal with everything in a strange land together and came out alive with no visible cat fight scratch marks. And look at us now! We’re still blogging and traveling and gossiping (still with cat fights about hats) together after 4 years.

travel abroad, Vang Vieng

What in God’s name is this kind of tourism? -Vang Vieng, Laos.

We realize that traveling abroad takes up a lot of money (which pretty much explains our savings), and not everyone has the privilege to do so. However, no one should discourage anyone to travel abroad. With so many budget airlines, promo tickets, and affordable plus adorable accommodations around the world, traveling to a foreign land is possible for anyone. Furthermore, no one should discourage themselves, thinking that they can’t do it. Like your dreams, your dream destination should be as far as the stars, because space is a destination now, right? (I think Virgin blue does special trips or something).

Having said that, we’ve decided that in the future we’ll incorporate some of out tales abroad and share what we see (hopefully learn) about them. We’ll tag them as ‘travel abroad.’ Indohoy will mostly still be about traveling Indonesia, but there’s no harm in sharing what we know holistically about traveling. Because you know… sharing is caring!

We leave you with this post for the week, so you can contemplate and absorb the true meaning of our message. And because… WE’RE TRAVELING TO HALONG BAY, VIETNAM!!! We intend to share our notes on it one day. So we’ll see you guys soon enough. Miss us. Please. Really.

travel abroad, Ha Long Bay

Ain’t it superb? We got the picture from

 Cause we miss you already 😀

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Adam @ PergiDulu
7 years ago

Yay! Viethoy! Can’t wait to hear what you guys think of Ha Long Bay. For me Vietnam was totally different to what I had imagined mainly because I’d heard so much negative stuff about it. Granted, we only went to HCMC, but still… I thought it was fantastic!

7 years ago

Love this post so much! I received some negatif comments because I travel abroad quite often. I was accused of not proud being an Indonesian. Well that’s not the case, really. I want to explore new places as much as I can whether it’s in my country or abroad. I’m just as curious as a cat :p

Ramiro Stanley
7 years ago

To be honest, I prefer traveling abroad. I’ve traveled the U.S., having visited all but five states and taken three cross country road trips. However, no matter where you live, there are valuable travel experiences waiting nearby. You just have to open yourself up to it and have the eyes to see below the surface. Find a map and circle a region of it you’ve never been to and go explore it for a day or weekend. Or rather have someone plan a trip for you to part of your country that you’ve never been to. Don’t do any research… Read more »

2 years ago

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2 years ago

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