Searching for Salmon in the Land of Kiwi

Submitted by mumunmumun on 22 March 2017

Ok. This is not a salmon. It’s an ordinary fish, fresh nonetheless, I saw in a market somewhere in Parigi, Sulawesi. As a Sulawesi blooded woman, fed fish my whole life by another Sulawesi blooded woman, my mother, I’ve been accustomed to fish and I can eat it everyday. Fried is better. But the fish that I usually eat is no salmon. Thus I dream of all you can eat salmon in New Zealand.

I really first enjoyed salmon when I went to school in Oz, where salmon seemed to be in every grocery store. It was hard to resist buying salmon and just grill it with a mere salt, pepper and basil or rosemary on a pan. It became one my go to menu in my days studying. There was no reason to go malnourished when salmon wasn’t that expensive to other proteins. Not to mention, the smoked salmon in between bread. Easy delicious.

Coming back to Indonesia, salmon became something that was hard to find and pricey. I had to break my own tastebud-hearts for not enabling more salmon in my diet. Through time, I worked and got a good pay, which means more salmon. I was able to afford salmon at sushi joints, some higher end than others. Once in a while having sashimi salmon, was enough to make me feel happy for sometime. Till today, I still enjoy a portion of raw or cooked salmon at my fav chain sushi place, for the sake of salmon.

the closest salmon around

One day, I came across how easy it is to eat salmon from a road trip campervan kinda video made by Edward Suhadi, who said that one can visit a salmon farm and eat salmon there and then. Fresh at its best. Drool. Since then, I declared that I would taste salmon in the land that farm it, New Zealand.

And we’re not talking about any kind of salmon. Growing up with television and still considering that we can learn a thing or two from it, no matter how its considered dumbing our generation, I came across Master Chef, the cooking competition. From it, I learned that salmon is one of the most beautiful fish in the world to consume, taste wise, and apparently, the best is the King Salmon. Just seeing it lifted by the tail on telly, made me want to dollop a salmon mentai. The mere size of the king salmon creates a huge chunk of salmon filet, one that can make me very happy. It was like a size of a sandwich. Huge.

The king salmon is one of the toughest fish to farm considering they’re so agile, naturally strong swimmers with a lot of oil in their bodies, also rich in Omega 3 good for the body, to store fuel for the swim upstream, as they would in their natural habitat. It’s a full on fish. It is also said that King Salmon farmed in New Zealand is particularly good because it was raised in some of the world’s cleanest water. I could imagine. The governments concern for good quality environment, the lack of people and pollution, could justify it.

Why should I win a trip to New Zealand? The more important would be when can I visit New Zealand and eat all the king salmon I want! I’m determined once I set foot on this country, it’ll be on the top of my list. But then why should I really win? Because I will be that messenger, bringing back good news of how good the salmon is in New Zealand to all those people lining up in front of one of my favorit sushi joint and convince them that the sashimi salmon is, too, enjoyed in the Kiwi nation. Now didn’t I do my homework, already?

I’ve had dilemmas of eating salmon, mind you. Once a friend, that is also an environmental activist that I believe very much and super smart, said that the consequences of eating salmon is that knowing they are imported. It takes a lot of carbon footprint for my mere pleasure. It’s very much true. I tried very hard to resist salmon, till one day another friend that worked with a fish exporter said that salmon is produced somewhere in Indonesia. My dilemma was over. Kinda. I still didn’t know exactly where my salmon came from, imported or not. Now would it be nice if I could just eat what I got from a local farm?

I dive but I love fish

I dive but I love fish!

Now don’t get me wrong, I would definitely love to see the glow worm cave, seeing such invertebrates glow would be out of this world. Think about it! Worms that glow. It sounds like something radioactive and we’re submitting ourselves to meet them. The I have only believed that the only place worthy of bungee jumping would be New Zealand, the first place it was created, or sky diving for that matter and tons of outdoors activities, many you could see on But, seems like my heart is with salmon and probably some penguins, add to that a few sheep. Because, where else can you find all of your senses experience a place if not at the dining table, in front of a local produce?

Having said that, I’d take that Malaysian Airlines ticket anytime that I could, considering its quite affordable. I mean, it’s about 8 million rupiahs with a Dwidaya Tour package that flies out from Jakarta. Flights are quite frequent and a short transit time, not saying a long one is bad cause you could stuff in transit time, but getting to your destination quickly would be awesome. Actually, it’s only about 8.5 million rupiahs to London. Just saying. And why not settle things with Dwidaya Tours, yeah, all that yada yada of accommodation, transportation, visa, things I wouldn’t want or can be bothered by at the moment. It would be heavenly if everything would be taken care off. If I had the time I would break things down myself, but getting someone else to do it seems pretty intriguing. So, can I just go and eat salmon sashimi already?

And the kiwi? Well, what about it? I can’t eat it, so let’s put that a few notches down the list.




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