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Who doesn’t love wholesale price? And who doesn’t love traveling in South East Asia? I know I do! And now I’m tempted to get AirAsia’s ASEAN Pass, which could get me to travel the ASEAN countries and saves a lot on plane tickets.

Okay, what am I really talking about?

Airasia ASEAN Pass


ASEAN countries

ASEAN is short for Association of South East Asian Nations, now consisting of 10 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos (Lao DPR), Vietnam, and the only one I haven’t been to so far, Brunei Darussalam. It used to be 6 countries when I first learned about ASEAN in school, and now it’s grown bigger. There’s one more country in South East Asia that’s not in the ASEAN gang (yet), that is Timor Leste or East Timor.

Airasia ASEAN Pass


The Exotic Region

Thailand was perhaps the first ASEAN country that gained popularity as a backpacker’s haven. It’s cheap, it’s exotic, and it’s different, at least to the – mostly western – tourists. Now Thailand is not alone. Tourists – backpackers or luxurious – are flocking to Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the rest of ASEAN countries as well. In Indonesia, they start to sprawl outside of Bali, to Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Papua, even Jakarta now has hostels for backpackers.

Being Asian myself, I am also a fan of the South East Asian countries. They’re relatively near, hence affordable, though the food is so diverse but many are spicy enough just as my liking, and even though you might think all Asians look the same, I enjoy seeing the differences in so many things with these fellows including the size of our eyes and colors of our skins.

That is why, I would grab any chance I could get to travel South East Asian countries again, just as I would to any other destination in the world.

airasia asean pass


AirAsia ASEAN Pass

I found out about ASEAN Pass just a while ago from a casual talk with AirAsia’s staff when visiting the headquarter near Soekarno-Hatta International Airport with a few other bloggers. I thought it was such a great offer for budget travelers! Later when Get Lost travel magazine invited me (representing Indohoy) as one of the speakers in an event about traveling ASEAN, I was happy to do it.

– So, what is Airasia ASEAN Pass?

It is a package with certain amounts of credits that you purchase online from, that can save your budget to travel within ASEAN countries in certain amount of time (options: 1 month or 2 months).

– What are the packages?

  1. ASEAN Pass: 10 credits, expired in a year since purchase date, but only valid for one month after the first activation. Price: IDR1,950,000 or USD160.
  2. ASEAN Pass + : 20 credits, expired in a year since purchase date, but only valid for two months after the first activation. Price: IDR3,550,000 or USD290.

The pass only covers the base fare, which means airport tax, add-ons, meals, travel insurance and changing seats aren’t included.

– What are the credits about?

Each flight route is converted to credits. Flights of 2 hours or less equals to 1 credit, and above 2 hours equals to 3 credits. This applies to flights between countries, most of domestic routes would cost more credits.

For example, Bangkok-Jakarta (app.3 hours) = 3 credits, while Bali-Jakarta (app.1,5 hours) = 5 credits.

ASEAN Pass credit usage example:

Jakarta-Singapore (1 credit) – Singapore-Kuala Lumpur (1 credit) – Kuala Lumpur-Yangon (3 credits) – Yangon-Bangkok (1 creit) – Bangkok-Bali (3 credits) à Total: 9 credits used. The remaining credit cannot be redeemed in cash.

– Can I use it for round trips? Can I repeat routes?

Yes, you can it for round trips. No, you cannot repeat routes within one pass.

– But I can only travel on weekends because I work Monday through Friday..

No problem. You can have intervals between round trips.

For example:

Weekend #1: Singapore-Semarang-Singapore (6 credits)

Weekend #2: Singapore-Penang-Singapore (2 credits)

Weekend #3: Johor Bahru – Bandung – Johor Bahru (2 credits)

Total: 10 credits.

airasia asean pass

– Currencies fluctuate. Does it affect the pass price?

Nope, the price stays the same.

– Can one pass be used by more than 1 person?

Sorry, no. Only one name per pass. And it’s only available for at least 12 year olds or older.

– When will this promo end?

This is a permanent program, it’s not really a promo. So, take your time.

– Can I use the pass in high season?

Well, you could, but less possibility that you’d get a seat with this pass. AirAsia does limit the numbers of seats that are available to be purchased with the ASEAN Pass and Pass +.

– What else should I know about this awesome AirAsia ASEAN Pass?

You need to book tickets at least 14 days prior to the trip.

For more information on AirAsia ASEAN Pass, you can go to this page.

Airasia ASEAN Pass


There you go! It’s your ticket to experience the ASEAN countries. If you had the time and budget, I suggest you get one Pass or Pass+.

And no, this is not a sponsored post. I am a satisfied AirAsia customer – they’re not perfect, but I get what I’m paying for – and I really think this ASEAN Pass thing is a good bargain for us budget travelers. I haven’t got mine, to be honest, but I just might in the near future.

Any thoughts on traveling ASEAN with AirAsia ASEAN Pass? Do leave a comment below 🙂

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