What is Indonesia without the sun? It’s one of the country’s blessings, helping plants to grow and laundry to dry. Important! As for traveling, the consistent warm rays are what many travelers from temperate climate residents look for. It was what I missed the most too when abroad, aside to my mother’s cooking. One of my travel mates describes the sun in temperate climate like ‘light bulbs’ since it has minimum feel to the skin during autumn and winter. So when traveling Indonesia, I soak in the sun well! Bring it on!

    Tanning in Baluran

    However, it’s not once or twice I get burned. It used to be a lot. I also see travelers, especially foreigners, burned out with red blotchy skin, which surely stings like hell; such a bugger when on vacation. We all know why this happens. Because we just don’t take 15 minutes to apply or reapply sunblock before having fun under the sun for hours.

    Through life’s lessons, I’ve learned to apply sunblock during my travels especially when there’s a lot of swimming going on. The water might feel fresh, but the sun still pierces through. Even on boats, we are prone to burns as the sea reflects the sun.

    Summer at the beach - Talaud

    And it doesn’t stop there. This past year I’ve been taking more buses and ojeks than taxis when in Jakarta. Not that it’s a bad thing. Riding public transportation is always awesome to observe people and get to know the environment around you. However, traveling with busses and ojeks exposes me to more sun, yet I take less precaution compared to when I’m traveling out of town. I might not get burned immediately, but I should think about the implications on the long run, which pretty much explains how I’m not coming back to my lighter tone.

    The tropical countries like Indonesia, the sun shines everywhere and we should show more attention to our skin. I was much reminded of this when attending the launch of Marina UV White Extra SPF 30. The launch brought me back to my school days, listening to lectures about UV rays and the effects on our skin. Although there was no exam to follow, it reminded me that skin care could be simple. A good lotion, not to mention one with SPF 30 sunblock, is a good investment to good skin. It is one step hassle-free having to apply a generous coat daily, rather that two (sunblack and lotion). It smells fruity-nice too, ‘cause it has yogurt and Acai berry extracts to help maintain the moisture of your skin and protect it from radical particles.

    Marina UV White launching

    Well, might as well give it a go! Looks pretty handy and I can take it with me where ever I go. Maybe it could be on my next trip to… hmm.. where should Indohoy go this time round? Oh yes, Borneo! To Betung Kerihun! Stay tuned for more on that.

    Marina wearable anywhere