It took us some time to figure out how we can participate in this weeks #FriFotos theme: curve. First thing that came to mind are extreme curved structure or aurora pics at the poles to really divine curves. Ah, a dream. But in the mean time, we didn’t look very far for bended lines. Here are our Indonesian curves found in structures and nature.

    Batu Sangkar Palace

    Different to castles in the west world, houses and palaces in West Sumatera has pointy roofs, extended by a curved roof line. It’s a signature design that is very much familiar to most Indonesian.


    Buffaloes are also special animals which symbolize wealth, mainly because they’re so expensive. Just below the women above, is a buffalo made of wood symbolizing wealth of the family.

    Horns of a prehistoric buffalo

    Buffaloes have their take on curves. This is from the Geology Museum Bandung, ancestors of the buffalo. These curves protect the prehistoric animal from danger. On the contrary, they have been and still are alluring to some, especially the hunters.


    Statue of Maria

    Talk about contrast, hand it artist to bend the norms. A work of art, such as this Maria statue, can defy rigid cement into mimicking the flowing movement of cloth. It also takes a skillful sculptor to create such beauty.


    Surfing the Curve

    Waves are one of the most anticipated curves of nature. Surfers will bob up and down in the sun just waiting for the right wave to ride on. They seek that perfect pipe. Down in Suluban Bali, surfers can find these long nature given curves that ride forever.


    Albino Buffalo

    Speaking of buffaloes, here’s a live one! Up in Tana Toraja, an albino buffalo can cost extremely more than the ordinary black ones.  Oops, I saw you check out the curves on this baby! Busted!