Flores – The Most of It!

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It finally ended. The story about Flores, an exotic island far east for some, was completed by our Komodo National Park entry uploaded by Vira not long ago. For a small island, Flores sure offers a lot. And all though we did the main attractions of the island and beyond, we made the most of it.

So here are the most of the least we could have done:



Larantuka, East Nusa Tenggara – A Spiritual Journey from the Other Team.

I have never been so waxed as I was in Larantuka. Now don’t be a Viktor (Vikiran Kotor, translation of dirty mind) and think of funny ideas although I slightly did intended it. Khihihihi… During the peak ceremony of Semana Santa, everyone held a candle or two. Now times that to the thousands of devotee participating, and what do you get? Wax on the ground, on your feet, on your clothes, on other peoples clothes, and even in your hair. It totally changed my definition of the term ‘waxed’.

 Travel Indonesia: Larantuka, Flores

A different meaning to the term waxing your feet


Waiterang, East Nusa Tenggara – Envisioning Purple Haze

It’s too easy to relax in Waiterang, especially in Ankermi resort. Everything you want is there. Well, everything I want at least. I don’t crave for bars and clubs so I was good with what they had. Especially, their Arak (local alcohol beverage) with honey and lime. I loved it!  But I’m not the only one that’s rambling about this place. At the time, a couple from US have been at Waiterang for a week without any diving activity. They just finished their journey from Bali and had decided to relax a bit in Waiterang. They spontaneously decided it was a great spot to wind down for the week. See?

Travel Indonesia: Waiterang, Flores

Enjoying a sunset at Ankermi with fellow travelers


Kelimutu Lakes, Flores – What We Did For The Sake of Beauty!

We didn’t give Kelimutu National Park enough credit as it should have received. We stopped for a brief moment to enjoy the craters and the surroundings of Moni. It was too damn brief honestly. I’m sure it offered more that what we could have seen. I totally forgot that I wanted to do some bird watching! Alright, alright you can settle down now, I admit it’s a bit dorky but hey! Nerds are the new black. Go look at Mark Zuckerberg! Wait.. what was my point again?

Travel Indonesia: Kelimutu, Flores

Boiling beauty 


Bajawa, East Nusa Tenggara – Where Ojeg Drivers Can Be Travel Heroes

When I hear the word blend, I immediately think coffee. In Bajawa, I finally had another blend of Java (beside to Waiterang). I sat amongst the residents of Luba village and had a cup their hand roast and grind coffee. Apparently our ojeg driver needed to catch up. For the local people coffee is a luxury because they have to process it themselves. It wasn’t a commodity, just something to offer the guest like your own baked cake. Having so little, I was honored to receive a cup that was too sweet of my likings. The amount of sugar is a sign of generosity. Sitting with the locals without being invited as a tourist is an authentic experience I crave. I loved that brief 20 minutes blending in the locals living without electricity and in houses made from hundreds of years ago.

Travel Indonesia: Bajawa, Flores

Blending in with the locals.. except for my sunnies 


Riung, East Nusa Tenggara – Understated Wonder of Flores Island

Although I did some diving and you can’t get any soaker than that, but Waiterang was a predictable wet. Riung on the other hand, was the opposite. I soaked my camera bad, it wasn’t fixable. I really loved my Canon D10a lot! I have to tell you, that camera has been in and out of water like a tea bag in a cup of a tea addict. I probably did abuse it a bit. But it has served its purpose and I was ready to let it go. However, I wasn’t bummed out as I thought I would. Soaking up the tujuh belas coral scene almost at the end of my Flores journey, evened it up!

travel Indonesia - Riung

Apparently you can get wetter than diving!


Ended in the Middle – Ruteng, Flores

For the past year,  I have resisted my yearning to buy traditional cloth, especially if it cost more than IDR 100,000, all for the reason that I have stated here. But I failed once I entered the Manggarai land and couldn’t resist buying 2 ikat.No, not one, but TWO! I have already promised myself that I would stop once I bought one in Bena-Bajawa, but the ikat in the West Manggarai was so interesting. SOB! Tempted too much, I bought the cloth and killed my savings program.

travel Indonesia - Ruteng

Traditional sophistication

Vira about her trip on Komodo island:


Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara – A Natural Wonder on Land and Sea

As Vira has written and said over and over again, her first encounter with the mantas was one of the highlights of her Komodo trip, and it sorta left her speechless, though now she can talk on and on about it. The angelic sway of its ‘wings’ that spreads out up to 4 meters long in only a few meters distance from where Vira and friends were swimming was what captivated her the most.
Although mantas are known to be kind and friendly creature, it was overwhelming to Vira to be so near to them.

travel Indonesia - Komodo National Park