Friday Photo – A Dedication to The Great Admiral Cheng Ho

Submitted by indohoyindohoy on 27 January 2012   •  Blog

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Sam Poo Kong (which means an ancestor with 3 great powers) temple in Semarang, Central Java, was built in admiration to the Admiral Cheng Ho of China’s Ming Dynasty. The Chinese descendants in Semarang who had this temple built were mostly non-moslem, but the temple incorporates some features of Islamic attributes, in respect for the moslem Admiral. 


As you can see, the ceiling is painted in green, a color often seen in Islamic architecture and attributes, and is combined with the usual Chinese colors of red and yellow. This certain building is built facing kiblat (the Ka’bah direction), and a beduk stands on one side (hard to see in this picture), which is an instrument that most mosques have for the calling-for-prayers purpose. There’s a lot more to the Sam Poo Kong complex, stay ‘tuned’ for more info in the coming weeks 😉

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