Monday Photo – Pindapatta procession just before the Vesak day

Submitted by indohoyindohoy on 13 May 2012   •  Blog

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Today’s photo is a contribution from our friend Fahmi Anhar from Magelang. Let him tell you about this photo. Give it up for Fahmi!

Pindapatta procession

It was the morning before Waisak day in 2011 or 2555 BE (Buddha Era). Just like every Waisak, monks from 3 monasteries lined up neatly in a procession called Pindapatta. They walked along the Chinatown of Magelang city to receive alms from the people in the form of money, food, snack, drink, etc. I found it interesting that not only Buddhist gave the alms, but also some people of different religions. I find beauty in sharing, and I believe sharing would make this country even more beautiful. 

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