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This post is a contribution from Marie Wright, a full-time mother, writer and interior decorator from South London. She balances work, family and home life with the perfect feng shui of island inspired home decor to create the ultimate oasis of calm. And this is her tips for decorating your home with Indonesian style.

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Reminisce on your favorite moments exploring Indonesia by bringing a touch of the atmosphere into your own home. The tropical style, use of bamboo and signature woodwork can work in most rooms of the house and here are our top tips to create the look.

Let nature inside

The Indonesian design is characterized by a combination of natural materials with the man-made interior of the home. A simple way to begin achieving this at home is by bringing a little of the garden indoors; plenty of lush plants in large pots and flowers in vases create a tropical feel.

Choose leafy plants like a Banana Plant or a Bird of Paradise, which blooms with exotic orange flowers.

Indonesian style


A carpet goes a long way

Depending on your current flooring, you may want to update this to a lighter and brighter alternative. If you already have carpets, changing to a neutral carpet will create the natural effect you are looking for.

Make sure you choose the right carpet underlay to ensure the best comfort, warmth and soundproofing.

Indonesian Style

Let there be light

Indonesian homes are light, bright and airy. Try to replicate this by adding in glass panels between rooms. By removing walls and putting glass in their place you let light flow through while retaining the integrity of the building.

This is a stylish and modern renovation but is a fairly major one. If you want a quick fix, try installing bright yellow lighting and opting for lightly coloured soft furnishings and curtains.

Indonesian Style


Choose the right materials

Rustic wood and bamboo are essential in creating the right style. These materials are fresh and bright so a rustic wooden coffee table would be a great focal point in the centre of the room.

Bamboo is often used to make smaller items, such as wind chimes and picture frames. Find an authentic retailer online and choose one or two pieces for the finer details of your room.

Light colored stone can be used to surround your fireplace or windows if you fancy a bigger project. This earthy stone ties together the other materials to really finish off the look.

Indonesian Style

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