• A Picnic at Tanah Kusir Cemetery With Trinity Traveler

    5 June 2019

    Once upon a weekend, I went to the home of Trinity Traveler, the first Indonesian travel blogger. She was in town, a rare occasion, and wasn’t traveling anytime soon. I made my way to her house addr ...
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  • Arborea Café, a Modern Café in Jakarta’s City Forest

    8 January 2019

    Quirky buildings often attract me, like Arborea Cafe. On a sunny morning after I went live on air on TVRI to talk about travel sketching, I visited this place which is nearby in Senayan area. Modern ...
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  • Art1 Museum, A Hidden Art Pocket in Jakarta.

    31 July 2017

    It would be pretty outdated to post a visit to the Art1 Museum in 2015, but I feel this museum needs more recognition. Located in an area far from artsy or any tourism attraction, Kemayoran--the area ...
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    25 July 2016

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  • Train from Airport to Jakarta City Is About to Happen

    10 July 2016

    “Is there a train from airport to Jakarta, to the middle of the city?” Once an Airbnb guest of mine texted me. “Unfortunately, no. You’ll have to take the taxi or bus, and that will take ab ...
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  • Visit Monas and See Jakarta from Above

    9 June 2016

      An Indonesian politician dared to be hanged from the top of Monas if he were to be proven guilty of corruption. Though he chickened out when he was proven guilty, this boasting became me ...
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  • Arts of Jakarta – From Monas and Beyond

    24 March 2016

    There’s a glamorous and curvaceous lady on top of the Nasional Monument or Monas, Jakarta. Not many can see her, but she is said to be there ever since Monas existed. Well, that’s what my guide sa ...
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  • Manhattan Hotel Jakarta, A Piece of New York in The Big Durian

    18 February 2016

    Remember this post? I was spending the yearend in Jakarta, in a hotel just about 1 kilometer away from home. It might sound ridiculous but the reason I did it was because… I could. Nah, it was becau ...
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  • Dapuraya, Jakarta – An Introduction to Culture and Culinary With Convenience

    3 November 2015

    Jakarta is no stranger to boredom. People working day in and out, with a commute time up to 4 hours a day and work load of that any capital city for business and government, it’s not surprising to h ...
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  • TravelNBlog 4 – Coming Back to Jakarta

    7 October 2015

    I stood a bit nervous in front of the class. Thirty four faces faced me as I babbled my way that Saturday morning, kick starting a full weekend of travel blogging. It wasn’t the fact that I had to s ...
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