• Makassar International Writers Festival 2018 – The People’s Literacy Festival

    16 May 2018

    This 2018 was my first year at Makassar International Writers Festival. Many of my (more) ‘literate’ friends assured me that the experience was worlds apart to the Ubud Readers and Writers Festiva ...
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    25 July 2016

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  • Bantimurung Waterfall – It Could Have Been Better

    16 August 2015

    Bantimurung Waterfall, part of for Bantimurung Bulusaruang National Park, is the number one spot the local Makassar people would recommend you to see when in the area aside to Samalona Island. It’s ...
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  • Kendari Werk – A Struggling Art in Its Hometown

    24 July 2015

    “Kendari Werk was created by a man named Djie A Woi; a Chinese jewelry maker that lived in Kendari. He was inspired to make silver jewelry mimicking the intricate yet delicate spider webs. There’s ...
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  • Our Private Beach on Sara Besar Island, Talaud

    20 July 2015

    “Oh my god, that’s so beatiful! Where is that??” is the kind of response I often get when showing photos of Sara Besar Island. “It’s near Talaud Island, way north of North Sulawesi.” ...
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  • Ferry from Talaud to Manado – Life on 16 Hour Boat Ride

    6 April 2015

    Boat life takes a life on its own. I’m not referring to cruises or yachts; I’m referring to public ferries. From docking at one port, loading, sailing, all the way to the docking at the next port, ...
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  • My Manado Food Favorites

    27 March 2015

    People are well aware of Minang/Padang food. Seems like there’s not enough posts out there repeating that Rendang is the number one food by CNN. People also know Javanese food and their tendency to ...
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  • Tarsiers of Tangkoko Nature Reserve, North Sulawesi – Awww

    26 February 2015

    ‘AAAKKK!’ was what I wish I could have screamed when the bulgy-eyed creature came out. But I couldn’t, so I just bit my tongue. The tarsiers at Tangkoko Nature Reserve are adorable. A repeated v ...
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  • Accommodations in Talaud, North Sulawesi

    5 February 2015

    Finding information on accommodations in Talaud Island was hard! So we went without any reservation. Turns out, we didn’t need to worry about a thing because there were a couple of options. We had ...
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  • Muck Diving at Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi

    11 September 2014

    I believe there’s a time for everything. As I’ve observed the pattern of my life, I’m always grateful of every right moment given to me. Although some might consider these moments to be that o ...
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