• 3D2N Weekend Trip To Pekalongan

    22 October 2016

    We usually get a few questions about an alternative destination different to the usual touristy places or a getaway from Jakarta, that’s not overly crowded during the weekend. We have a few usual an ...
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  • Itinerary – 2 days in Jakarta

    29 April 2016

    Jakarta is the city a lot of foreign traveler skip when they’re in Indonesia, either because of the traffic, the smog, the lack of touristy sites, or all of them. Unfortunately for these travele ...
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  • Fresh Places, New Activities in Kuta and Sanur, Bali

    13 November 2012

    It was so unusual that I didn’t make any plan traveling Indonesia for the long weekend. Suddenly an email came in, we got invited for a trip to Bali! Hooray! Since Mumun had been to Bali recently an ...
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  • Magelang Food and Transportation

    6 September 2012

    Turns out, Magelang offers more than I (and perhaps many people) thought it would! Visiting Borobudur is just one of them, and you’ve probably read about it in our entry last week. Now what are the ...
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  • Magelang, Central Java (1) – Celebrating Vesak and the Arts

    31 August 2012

    You must have heard of Borobudur temple, haven’t you? Do you know where it is? No, it’s not in Yogyakarta, don’t let people fool you telling that Borobudur is in Yogyakarta. Borobudur temple is ...
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  • Tanjung Lesung & Peucang, Banten – Recalling Long Lost Destinations

    16 August 2012

    Hitting two birds with one stone is pretty awesome, but imagine if you could hit 3! It’s like Kung Fu Panda meet The Matrix. Haiyyah! That’s how I felt traveling to Tanjung Lesung, a destination o ...
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  • Dieng Plateau, Central Java – Did We Get High?

    26 July 2012

    Traveled to Dieng in March, 2012 Sunrise, potatoes, and getting lost. Those were the highlights of our road trip to Dieng Plateau, as would be for just about anybody visiting the area. The getting ...
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  • Nusa Dua (and around), Bali – Not Only For The Elites

    13 June 2012

    Traveled Nusa Dua in May 2012 Who says Nusa Dua is only for the rich? Well, it may be full of luxurious resorts and overpriced goods, but look closer and you budget travelers will find a lot of thi ...
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  • Diving Kepulauan Seribu, D. K. I. Jakarta – Diving Duties

    1 April 2012

    A diving certificate is like a gym membership: once you have it, you have to do it (unless wasting money is not a problem to you). It was coming in to the 4th month after my last dive thus it was time ...
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  • Explore Semarang, Central Java (1) – A Destination with Countless Exploration

    29 February 2012

    Traveled Semarang in January, 2012. Mumun has been to Semarang before on the Chinese New Year, so why should I make an effort for another “report” on the city and the celebration as well? It’s ...
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