Chanting at Candi Borobudur – Friday Photo

Submitted by viravira on 7 June 2013   •  Blog

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Remember the story about my trip to Borobudur in 2012? I was there with a few friends from Jakarta and Bandung. One of them, Kandi, was curious to see the Vesak ceremony at Candi Borobudur once again. So she went there again this year (2013), not knowing the event would turn more chaotic than the previous one. However, she managed to get this lovely photo, so serene, as how praying should be.

 Borobudur monk - pic by Kandi

Kandi says:

After the procession from Candi Mendut to Candi Borobudur, some pilgrims climb the enormous temple to do further rituals. This bikkhu (Buddhist priest) went round the temple, then finding this statue he sat and started chanting prayers. Soon a small crowd of worshipers gathered and prayed behind him too.

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