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Sharing is a concept embedded in the Indonesian culture since forever, as many cultures in the world. So, it’s not something new. From sharing the daily paper at the town center to sharing wealth through a 7 days wedding ceremony, all are based with the concept of sharing. Now, Comma Indonesia has taken it up a notch in the modern world on a lot of different levels. They just might be pioneers in the business of co-working space in Jakarta; the kind of place that could be really important to (especially) freelancers.

Indohoy doesn’t have an office just yet (let’s pray that we do one day), so on a so-called ‘freelance’ base for Indohoy, we decided to finish up a few things at Comma Indonesia.

Co-working space in Jakarta


The Co-working Concept

*Sniff. The smell of productivity! *long inhale*

With working people around us, we tend to be more productive. One of the toughest challanges as a freelancer is having that productive ambiance. Determining your work hours is not an everlasting euphoria. There are those days *standing in a dark corner. As a blogger, a productive smelling room is uber important, along with an impeccable Internet connection. Because, of course, we can upload and access youtube for entertainment inspiration. That’s always very helpful.

Comma Indonesia already has a few regulars. On a few occasions I’ve met Ruby of the annoyingly good, bumped into the Greeneration Indonesia team, and attended some travel related events such as the #Wegohangout and #Kelasjelajah held by Wego Indonesia. So, their network works pretty nicely with us. With so many free minds running around in one common space, there are a lot of potential of collaboration happening in the air. Who knows what happens when you talk to people with ideas? Magic could be in the air.

Co-working space in Jakarta

#Kelasjelajah with Windy Ariestanty


With people sharing tables, drinking water and toilets, collaboration is just a hello away.


The Co-working Place

Now days, freelancers mostly work at home or in a cafe, for the sake of Wi-Fi and the sense that other people exist in this world. However, sometimes cafes or restaurants just don’t cut it. You spend way too much money for food, distracted by cute guys and new fashion trends walking around. If it’s cheap, it’s usually mediocre to bad Internet connection. So why bother? Then there are the stares of waiters hoping you’ll tip a lot because you’ve hogged a table for so long and reduced their chance to get more tips from more customers. If not, you feel like it.

Co-working space in Jakarta

Comma Indonesia is an open work space (especially) for freelancers, which provides the 3 main things a freelancer needs: desks, electricity, and Internet connection. Power outlets are spread around the common space, ready for a ridiculous amount of gadgets. The Internet connection is stable. The room is well lit with sunlight. An interesting point for us is the different kinds of table that are pretty cute from the glass tables (which you can scribble with a white board marker), tall bar tables with stools, and ping pong tables just in case sombody gets bored. Yes, a toilet is also available, by the way, along with the luxury of a cool AC. No excuses, hey?!

Co-working space in Jakarta

There is a pantry in the corner, which can cater to your kitchen utensil necessities. A rain dance wouldn’t be necessary because there is a free flow dispenser for hot, cold, and room temperature water. Awesome! Personally, the best thing about this pantry is that it has one of those expensive coffee machines, complete with its barista for your caffeine calls. Perfecto! (You’d have to pay for these coffee though.)


Co-Eating: Awesome!

As a sucker for free food, I’m sold with Comma’s idea of co-eating, where people can share their excessive food to all the attendees. On numerous occasions, the pantry table has become a pot of gold for the hungry as well as a great place to introduce new food products. It’s kinda like a daily open potluck working to my advantage, muehehe… . Actually, it seemed like it looked more advantageous for Ajeng of Backpacker Notes as she hogged most of the sweet banana chips, when we were working there for the Baronda Maluku project. Free cupcakes, wasabi nuts and chips were da’bomb during work.

Co-working space in Jakarta

If you’re looking for other options of food, fear not! There are a lot of restaurants within the vicinity to choose from. Comma can also provide names and companies that can do delivery services and you can chow down your grub while working hard making a business plan. Sounds promising!

The Catch?

To work at Comma Indonesia, you’d have to pay IDR 50,000 / person / 2 hours or IDR 200,000 / person / day, which includes free mineral water, instant coffee and tea. For more information and bookings you can drop them a visit to

If sharing is caring, than this place cares a lot!

It’s easy to spend 6 hours working here (easier than in my day job office), especially when you’re doing something you love. Time flies when you’re having fun. And we haven’t even got started on the pingpong table and the WII. Next time, maybe.

Comma Indonesia


3rd Floor, One Wolter Place
Jl. WolterMonginsidi 63B
KebayoranBaru – Jakarta Selatan

T: +62 21 725 4742
F:  +62 21 725 4743

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5 years 8 months ago

Nice! Looks like the perfect spot to park up and get some focused work done in a high-quality atmosphere. I’ll definitely be coming to check this out next week.

What is the area like? I live in Thamrin and would be coming by taxi.

5 years 5 months ago

there is a new coworking space in Senayan Jakarta, right across SCBD. Check their site