Jellyfish in Kakaban Lake

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Meet Vesta, the gal behind Liburan Lokal, one of the most well known person we know to promote Indonesia as a travel destination, mainly amongst Indonesians. *shake hands. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy her pictures too. She’s contributing one of her pictures and we’re honored. Take it a way, Vesta! *applaud*

Taken with Canon S95

Kakaban, one of the islands in Derawan, is infamous for its stingless jellyfishes. The creatures live in a lake in Kakaban Island, which used to be part of the ocean million years ago. As it turned into a lake, the water became unsalted, therefore it eliminated the sting effect of the jellyfishes. Nowadays, we can swim in the lake with the jellyfishes, but remember to be gentle everytime you swim or move around as your moves can destroy the creatures.

Kakaban itself lies among the Derawan islands in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.



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