5 Co-Working Spaces in Jakarta

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When traveling long term, there would be times when you need a working space that lets you concentrate on work, especially if you are working remotely. Internet cafes are now getting rare to find, but co-working spaces in Jakarta are popping up. As a freelancer who mostly works from home, even I, a Jakarta resident, sometime go to these co-working spaces for a change of atmosphere sometimes.

Here’s my review on some co-working spaces in Jakarta. Because I live in the south (very near to central part) of Jakarta, the spaces I go to are all in the south area. Note that aside from Comma ID, I’ve only visited each of these spaces once, so my review is based only on that. But hopefully you can get the picture of what to expect from these co-working spaces.

 Co-working places in Jakarta

  1. Tier Space

Located in a neighborhood near the hip Senopati area, Tierspace occupies a house turned business space, only a few minutes walk from the main road. Upon entering the red door, I was welcomed by the friendly receptionist that explained about the facilities.

The spacious working space on the ground floor consisted of a few long tables, a few small ones, with various types of chairs. A set of comfy sofa is nested in a corner by a ‘phone booth’ where you can do your private video conference or phone call. A small meeting room that sits up to 5 people is located at another corner, costing only IDR50,000/hour/room. If you’re one of those people who can’t think without smoking, you can work at the back yard. If the Jakarta heat is wearing you off, you’re free to take a shower at Tier Space.

On the upper floor there are more meeting rooms up to 8 people capacity, and a room with a few cubicles inside. There is a small pantry on this floor, but the one on the ground floor has more complete amenities, including free-flow mineral water, coffee, tea, candies, and a fridge full of pops and bottled drinks for sale.

Co-working places in Jakarta


If you’re hungry and hunger often gets in the way of thinking (you can trust me on this), you could grab food from nearby restaurants or have their staff deliver food to your table (a tip would be really appreciated). The Senopati street is packed with restaurants and cafes.

WiFi, definitely provided. It connected well on my Mac and Android cellphone. I meant to work there only for an hour, but I decided to add an hour more because it’s comfortable. At the time of my visit, there were only a few other people working quietly at the ground floor, I could really concentrate on my work. The cost for an hour visit was IDR 30,000/hour, IDR 90,000/4 hours, and you don’t have to be a member for a walk-in visit.

Overall, I liked working at Tier Space. It was quiet, the space is designed in industrial style mixed with playful colors and murals, and the staff was friendly. The only thing that holds me from going there often is the awful traffic I would be facing, so that might not be your problem, depending on where you’re staying.

For more complete info on membership and fee, visit Tier Space’s official website tier-space.com.


Tier Space address:
Jalan Bhakti No.10, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Click here for map
Phone: +622129126145, e-mail: info@tier-space.com



  1. Conclave

Judging from the interior design, Conclave is one hell of a fancy co-working space. The furniture looks fancy, and even the full-color brochure is designed lavishly with a lot of ‘negative space’ and a huge page only for a photo. Even so, they don’t charge you too much above average.

For IDR50,000/hour, you’re entitled of using the WiFi connection (it was disconnected for a few seconds during my visit), free-flow water, coffee and tea, personal locker, free scans, and shower room. You can also access the library at the ground floor, which I couldn’t take a peek because it was being used for a video production. Mumun had been there and reported that they have a lot of books about music, history, design, and magazines like Kinfolk and the likes.

The working space is on the second floor, the most spacious compared to other working spaces I’ve been. It also means more desks and more people (mostly were young-and-hip looking type of visitors), which unfortunately, meant more noise. I found it a bit hard to concentrate on my work, so you might want to prepare your headphones.

Co-working places in Jakarta

They also have meeting rooms, an auditorium that sits up to 125 people, and a game room that has sofa and TV monitor that can function as a casual meeting room as well. Trying to accommodate more of the creative bunch, Conclave also provides a workshop for 3D printing, wood and metal work, as well as a photo studio and a dark room.

Smoking area is downstairs with a sofa set and outside on the balcony on second floor. Located on a very crowded street, getting to and from Conclave could be a hassle at rush hour. The street houses quite many high end restaurants, and the Typology café with a similar ambiance with Conclave is just next door.

I think Conclave is one of the most complete co-working spaces in Jakarta. For more complete info on membership and fee, visit Conclave’s official website cnclv.co.


Conclave address:
Jalan Wijaya I no.5C, Jakarta
Click here for map
Phone: +622127510329, e-mail: info@wrhs.es



  1. Kolega

Embracing the co-working spirit, this place uses ‘Kolega’, which means coleague, as its name. Occupying the third floor of a building in Tebet area, locals might be familiar with the Comic Café on the ground floor that has existed for a long time.

It’s less spacious than Tier Space and Conclave, but there were only a few desks occupied by visitors upon my visit, so the space wasn’t a problem at all. The furniture and interior design are simple, far from pretentious. Visual impression aside, the most important thing is the stable wifi connection and the various types of working areas. There are the usual desks and working chairs, there are also the ‘bar’ tables with high chairs looking out the wall-size glass window, also the sofa and beanbags corner with board games.

A presentation room is available in one of the corners, separated from the working space only by a few whiteboards. I imagine the sound would kind of distracting for those working at the desks, so prepare your own headphones, just in case a presentation is held upon your visit. Meeting rooms are available on the second floor, with the capacity of 6, 10 and 15 people. The lockers are free to use by anyone, but printers are only for members with at least 1-month membership.

co-working places in jakarta

Kolega provides free-flow mineral water, while coffee or tea you can order from Comic Café. But you’re also free to bring food and beverages from outside, just like the other co-working spaces. The area is packed with cafes and restaurants, my favorite is the Bebek Ginyo (serves many types of duck cooking, just 2 minutes walk from Kolega).

With all these facilities, I think their IDR20,000/hour or IDR40,000/3 hours rate is really cheap, especially for me, I don’t care about getting no tea or coffee, I’m totally a water girl.

For more complete info on membership and fee, visit Kolega’s official website kolegajkt.com.


Kolega address:
Jalan Tebet Raya no. 53, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 8355216, e-mail: kolegajkt@gmail.com



  1. K.W.O.I.D

Located only 400 meters straight down the road from Kolega, K.W.O.I.D occupies the second floor of a café of the same name – the name is simply an abreviation of the 5 owners. It is pretty small compared to other co-working spaces in Jakarta.

It has only 6 desks with a drawer, each sits 4 people. A meeting room is available at the end of the working space, sits up to 8 people. Each guest is entitled of a glass of iced tea or mineral water, aside from the WiFi connection, and that’s it. No free-flow anything, no locker, no view out the window except from the meeting room.

co-working places in jakarta


Given the minimum facilities, at least compared to the other co-working spaces, K.W.O.I.D is quite pricey with the rate of IDR100,000/3 hours or IDR50,000/hour, which I had to haggle from the 3 hours use because I needed to go somewhere else in an hour. The meeting room rent is IDR200,000/hour with no minimum duration, comes with free coffee.

For more complete info on membership and fee, visit K.W.O.I.D’s official website kwoid.com.


K.W.O.I.D address:
Jalan Tebet Raya no. 145 D, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 8378 9290, e-mail: kwoid.spacenlounge@gmail.com


5. Comma

(update on March 2016: Comma has unfortunately closed for business). 

Because COllaboration Matters, Comma co-working space is created. They’ve gained popularity because they’re the first co-working space in Jakarta, and have maintained a good reputation so far. My membership at Comma just ended. I don’t plan to extend the membership since I’ve only worked there when I needed a different ambiance from my ‘home office’ aka my study, which wasn’t very often. But it’s a nice place and ambiance for working.

They’ve got a few tables and ‘bar’ looking out the window, as well as a small meeting room, a pantry, and a shower. The space is often used for other purposes like seminars, workshops, community gatherings, even video shooting.

Co-working places in Jakarta
My favorite of all co-working spaces in Jakarta, too bad they had to close down 🙁

Walk-in visits are for minimum 3-hour use, costing IDR90,000. They have several options of membership and sometimes offer discount fees. Like the other co-working spaces, they provide friendly service, and that’s important to make visitors feel comfortable working.

For our previous review on Comma, read this post.

For more complete info on membership and fee, visit Comma’s official website comma.co.id.


Comma’s address:
3rd Floor, One Wolter Place
Jalan Wolter Monginsidi 63B
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Click here for map
Phone: +6221-725-4742, e-mail: hello@comma.co.id


* * *

All of these co-working spaces are located in well-known areas of South Jakarta. However, other than taking the taxi to reach them, you would have to take the generally uncomfortable and puzzling regular bus or angkot. No TransJakarta bus route – the most convenient public transportation in Jakarta so far – go pass these places.

What’s the recommended co-working place in your town?

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4 years 11 months ago

a very useful info… thanks girls!

Avi Hadi
Avi Hadi
4 years 9 months ago

Hi! Thanks a lot for the info, it’s really useful 😀 I’m actually an architecture student planning to design a coworking space for my final project, so I’d like to ask you what is the most important factor in a coworking space that could make interactions and collaborations happen? Because by my observation, Indonesian people are usually shy or not interested to start a conversation, or refusing to go to a communal space that has already been occupied. By your experience on working at coworking spaces, what is your opinion on this?

I’d truly appreciate your answer!

Dian Hasan
4 years 9 months ago

Hi Vira,
Greetings & salam kenal. We read w/ interest your story on Coworking Spaces in Jakarta. We run @coworkinc, Kemang’s newest Coworking + Event Space. We’d love to invite you and show you our space. You can find us on instagram @coworkinc, fb/twittter @coworkincid. Pls add my WA 0811 773 893. Thx. Hope to connect w/ you soon. Reds, dian hasan (co-founder)

4 years 6 months ago

Hi Vira,

Thank you for mentioning Conclave in this post and putting our co-working space picture in the main picture. Find me when you are visiting Conclave again ya, let’s catch up. Cheers!

4 years 1 month ago

Hi Vira, We are a new coworking space located along TP Simatupang and we are hoping you could add us to your list so people from this area can find us. We are also giving away FREE Day Passes so your readers can grab it. Hoping to connect soon. Albert (co-founder) >> http://www.coworking.co.id // https://www.facebook.com/cre8indonesia/