5 Places to Eat in Yogyakarta

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There are probably millions of places where you can eat in Yogyakarta, each of them offering great culinary experiences. These 5 are the ones I visited in one trip in June, 2012. I think they’re still around until now. Some have even been around since forever!

1.    Horse Satay (Sate Jaran)

Yogyakarta - horse satay

This is even weird for Indonesians in general, and that is one of the reasons why I wanted to try it. I had my first horse satay in my Yogyakarta trip in 2009 and thought that it was too hard to chew. So when I revisited this lovely city, I went for another try just to make sure that I just didn’t get lucky the first time around. I tried a different diner. This time was on Jalan Kranggan, near Tugu monument.

Verdict: I didn’t like it. It’s the same as the one I had on Jalan Sudirman, too hard to chew. But it fed my curiosity, so it’s awesome.

Tidbits: I also tried the horse tongseng. Tongseng is a bit like curry but not as thick. The horse meat was softer in tongseng, maybe because it’s drowned in the soup water. Maybe.

Sate Jaran
Jalan Kranggan, Yogyakarta

2.    Tip Top Ice Cream

Yogyakarta Tip Top Ice Cream

One of the oldest ice cream parlors in Indonesia, Tip Top serves homemade ice cream. Said to be founded since 1936, Tip Top has seen much more history of this country than most of us. It’s located on Jalan Mangkubumi, you’ll easily spot it when walking between Tugu monument and Jalan Malioboro.

Verdict: It melted quicker, but I love the rough texture.

Note: Tip Top has quirky hours of operation. If I’m not mistaken, it’s open since morning til lunch hour, than close at siesta hours, and open again just before dark til 9.30ish pm.

Ice Cream Tip Top
Jalan Mangkubumi 24, Yogyakarta


3.    Bale Raos Restaurant

Yogyakarta Bale Raos, Beer Java

Bale Raos is a quite upscale restaurant, located just next to the Kraton (Palace). It serves various kinds of Javanese menu, built and decorated in Javanese style. I had a few kinds of food but somehow my memory fails me. All I can remember (and remember to take photo of) is the Beer Jawa or Javanese Beer. It’s a non-alcoholic beer! Beer Jawa is made of ingredients like ginger, clover, lime, etc. It’s warm in the belly.

Verdict: I can’t say much about the food taste. But it’s got a nice ambience, great for family dinner, okay for dinner with friends. A bit too formal for my liking when I’m on a vacation in Yogyakarta, but they’re not going to kick you out for wearing flip flops and shorts.

Bale Raos
Jl. Magangan Kulon 1, Yogyakarta
Ph: 62 274 415 550


4.    Gudeg Bu Marto

Yogyakarta Gudeg Bu Marto

Let’s venture beyond the famous Gudeg Yu Jum. Gudeg Bu Marto is a recommendation from my friend Arya, a Yogyakarta local. It’s a sidewalk diner, located at an end of Jalan Kranggan, exactly across the Pop! Hotel on Jalan AM Sangaji. Judging from the banner hung on the diner that says she takes big orders with a phone number on it, I take it that Gudeg Bu Marto is a pretty popular one in town.

Verdict: Yummy. But then again, I love almost every gudeg dish I’ve tasted 😀

Note: Gudeg Bu Marto is open from about 6 AM until maybe noon.

Gudeg Bu Marto
Jalan Kranggan, Yogyakarta
Ph: 62 274 521377


5.    Bu Ageng restaurant

Yogyakarta Bu Ageng

One of the things it’s famous for is that Bu Ageng is the wife of a famous Indonesian artist / culture observer Butet Kertaradjasa. However, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the food, too. Unfortunately, Arya took me there after I just had lunch, so I couldn’t take anymore food. Instead, I went for an Es Kopyor (coconut ice, sort of). The establishment was homey with Javanese feel and they hung plenty of pictures of famous Indonesian people, including artists, poets and politicians.

Verdict: The beverage I had was yummy. I will definitely try to have a meal or two at Bu Ageng restaurant next time I have the chance.

Warung Masakan Omah “BU AGENG”
Jl.Tirtodipuran No. 13 Yogyakarta
Ph: 62 274 387191, 6285329562888


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5 years 9 months ago

Seem very delicious ..should taste some of them one day

5 years 2 months ago

hmmm… gudeg bu marto mak nyuuus..delicious…
rocommended gudeg if we visit yogyakarta city..
thanks for Vira ^^