5 Romantic Places in Indonesia For Sea Lovers

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It’s Valentines Day and the season of love! Let’s cut to the chase. Why are we talking about valentines on a travel related website when valentines is never about where you are, but whom you’re with? Well, there are perfect settings that help. A beautiful location where you can be secluded and enjoy nothing else than each other can seal the deal. Although I’m the one currently single, I have compiled 5 romantic places in Indonesia to date, opening possibilities for future plans for that special someone. Hopefully, it could also be a romantic getaway option for whoever is looking for some ‘us’ time, too. So let’s get on with it.

5 Romantic Places in Indonesia

1.    Togean Islands – Central Sulawesi

This was the first spot that came to mind. Togean Island is romantic for the archipelago setting, the beautiful waters, the purple sunset, and the island life. A Of course, this memory was from 2010 but I’m sure there’s still much of this remaining. With calm waters and beautiful underwater scenery, anyone can effortlessly enjoy a beautiful time on land or in the water, even though they had to have some effort to get there.

Best romantic activity: Island hopping to secluded Karina beach and then passing through the Bajo Village on the way back.

 5 Romantic Places in Indonesia - Togean Islands

2.    Ora Beach – Maluku

By the look of it alone, it’s easy to see why Ora Beach can be romantic. It’s a tiny beach with beautiful calm surroundings. Add to that, a lovely resort sitting above water. Can I get an ‘aawww’ here? The bay is protected by outer island creating a calm and seemingly private swimming pool to yourself.  The water is a perfect blue, the intact corals help the beauty, and the overall lush forest of the Manusela National Park is breathtaking.

Best romantic activity: Swimming in the sunset of the house port.

5 Romantic Places in Indonesia - Ora Beach

3.    Weh Island – D. I. Aceh

Aside to the Syariah law being passed on, Weh Island is one of those places you can visit and feel whisked away to beautiful waters. It’s romantic because it seems to be detached from Aceh and is a small peaceful humble island where you can have a relaxing time. Parts of the island itself have a few special exceptions for foreign visitors (including Indonesians that are not from Aceh) from the Syariah laws and can have a ‘normal’ time.

Best romantic activity: Having an early dinner on the sea side (on Iboih Beach or on Sumur Tiga Beach Resort

5 Romantic Places in Indonesia - Weh Island

4.    Komodo Island – NTT

OK! Meeting a Komodo on a romantic setting might not be the best idea in the world, but Komodo National Park is nothing short of breathtaking views during dry season. You can hardly fail its sunsets and sunrises, and the ocean is just majestically blue. The fact that it’s still not as popular as it’s credited to be makes it a perfect blend of secluded and yet accommodating at the same time. And the best way to enjoy it? By a Live-On-Board experience, naturally.

Best romantic activity: sitting on your boat and watching the golden sunset.

5 Romantic places in Indonesia - Komodo National Park

5.    Bali

Predictable, Bali is romantic. I consider it to be so for its lush green environment and the romance of peace of its people. Although it might be crowded, especially in the south, most of Bali can also be concealed from touristy settings. Ubud and Mount Batur are just a few places that can aspire to romance in any season as it is always in lush tropical settings all year.

Best romantic activity: snuggling over a cup of good coffee overviewing green rice paddies or forests.

 5 Romantic Places in Indonesia - Bali


Then again, you can visit these places not only with your significant other. These destinations can help you remember and enhance the intimacy that you have also with your children, parents, extended families, best friends, or even spending time to reconnect and love yourself for a little while. Why not?

In addition, my red thread on this list is that I consider an intact natural setting to be romantic. On top of love for your significant other, my compassion goes out to nature. Of course, being a Cancer myself, it’s not hard to see that I like to be close to my element, water, but then again Indonesia is the largest archipelago. Gotta love the environment!

Happy Valentines, everyone! Hope you’re celebrating it with love in one of these 5 romantic places in Indonesia, because we really do need one day for it, as the world seems to be lacking of it. Heart!

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6 years 1 month ago

Thanks for those suggestions.

I spent my honeymoon in Bali and Surabaya.


1 year 8 months ago

Nice place … i think new couples should go for their.. right ?