5 Things To Do in Bali

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The most reason people go to Bali is obvious; surfing and chilling out. Yup, Bali is blessed with the diverse kinds of pipes and endless numbers of beaches, not to mention the warm water. But if you’re looking for variety or maybe aren’t into acrobats on water, here’s good news for you: Bali is not all about surfing! Here are other 5 Things To Do in Bali that we recommend.

1. Dive & snorkel

5 things to do in Bali

Bali is so ready to host divers or diver-to-be’s as diving centers are easily found in many spots. You can sign up right away for a dive trip to Nusa Penida or Menjangan Island, or sign up for a 3-day dive course. Or if you’re more of a surface kind of person but want to see the various kinds of sea creatures, then snorkeling at Amed Beach on the east or Nusa Lembongan on the south east might cut it for you. And these are only a few of diving and snorkeling sites you can opt from in Bali besides Tulamben, Lovina (and see some wild dolphins!), Tepekong and Pemuteran. You can prepare your own gears but these centers always have sets to rent.

2. Bike Up & Down

5 things to do in Bali

Another activity among the 5 Things To Do in Bali that we recommend is to challenge yourself with pedaling up and down the terrains of Bali. The most known area for biking, uphill and downhill, is Ubud, in the centre of the island. This is an activity that you can do independently, with a group tour that sign up at your hotel, or included in tailor-made tours. A little heads up, the streets in Bali are mostly narrow and lacking of dedicated bicycle lane or even sidewalks, so be extra careful. The upside is that you’d be most likely to bike along green rice fields or unexpectedly (but secretly wish to) discover a quiet beach that’s not listed on your Lonely Planet book, yet!

3. Eating Local & International Food

5 things to do in Bali

Local food like ayam betutu (betutu chicken), fried duck with sambal matah (matah chili condiment) and plecing kangkung (plecing morning glory leaves) are the most famous local foods of Bali aside from the ubiquitous nasi campur (rice with several kinds of dishes on a plate, such as fish satay and veggies). And the one that got Anthony Bourdain’s loving commentary is the suckling pig at Ibu Oka’s in Ubud (we haven’t tried any pork dishes in Bali, but it’s Bourdain’s pick!). When you’re sort of homesick and want to feel ‘closer’ to home, you’ve got a lot of restaurants to choose from, that serve international menu. Seminyak area is packed with Mexican, Japanese, Greek, American, French and Italian restaurants, among others. So are the touristy areas like Ubud, Kuta, Legian, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Uluwatu, so don’t you worry about making your belly happy!

4. Self-pampering at A Spa

5 things to do in Bali

Picture this. You’re lying face-down with no clothes on, someone else is rubbing your back with lemongrass oil, the wind blows softly from the open window and touches your skin, while indistinct sound of the waves is telling your brain to rest for the next hour or two. Yeah, that’s the kind of pampering I would want after a few days of physical activities underwater and up and down the hills! And that is a relaxing activity you can find almost in any corner (especially the places where tourists go) or at any hotel in Bali! Seing the picture above, I think you understand why going on a spa is among the 5 Things To Do in Bali that we recommend 😉

5. Watch Cultural Shows

5 things to do in Bali

Being strongly attached to their cultures is a reputation that got Bali its international fame, other than the surfing, for sure. The Balinese are open to changes and they let the young modify the traditions to, in a way, keep up with the global change. In results, they are rich with cultures that people from decades ago and even today’s youngsters can enjoy watching. As some options, you can watch the Kecak dance that tells the story of Ramayana at Uluwatu Temple or the Devdan show in Nusa Dua Theater that showcases the highlights of Indonesia’s traditions. Some elite restaurants hold regular smaller traditional dance shows as well, just look it up on the net.

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