Various Accommodations in Alor Island

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Alor might be one of the many small islands that portray the ideal tropical getaway. During September and months around it, the sun shines brightly but the air is cool from the winter drift of Australia. Not too hot, not too cold. The water is crystal blue with a temperature of which I call ‘crisp’, just under my preference of perfect but fresh. Rich is the culture, as any part of Indonesia, with charismatic facial features of east Indonesia; dark skin, white teeth, and unique facial lines. Recommended? Of course! But then there’s the question, which of the accommodations in Alor Island should you stay in?

Accommodation in Alor

So far, I’m vouching for these two accommodations in Alor. I’ve stayed in others and have seen the condition of other accommodations in town, I’m pretty happy to recommend these two places.

Cantik Homestay, Alor Island

Owned by Om Kris, this homestay has simple rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Nothing fancy, but the rooms are clean and without bed bugs. I think that’s pretty essential. More importantly, the rooms have AC, which could be handy considering it can get a little hot during the day.

accommodations in Alor

Location-wise, it’s not the best. It’s located on a small street up the hill from the main field. The local public transport doesn’t pass the road but it’s a short walk from the road that does.

Om (uncle) Kris, the owner, is said to be the person to know on the island. He can fix almost any emergency or provide anything you need. In my experience, he lived up to his reputation. So, staying at his place might just be a smart move. He can provide transportation services, bike rentals, boat rentals; he’s a one stop center.

Om Kris Alor

The food is, allegedly, the best on the island. I concur it was delicious, however I had little to compare with. I’ve heard a few traditional food can be found but not as common as I hoped. So, Cantik Homestay would be the place to also eat if you’re staying there. Mind you, the cook is Om Kris’ wife, and she’s not always fit for cooking as there’s so much going on at the homestay at the moment (renovations and high amount of guests).

Prices are IDR 150,000/night for a single occupancy, which include simple breakfast of traditional snacks and tea or coffee. It’s IDR 200,000/night for more than 1 person occupancy.

Cantik Homestay

Jl. Dahlia No. 12, Kalabahi.

Phone: +62 813 3229 9336


La Petit Kepa, Kepa Island

This island resort is located on a separated island of Kepa, just about 15 minutes of boat crossing on a local fisherman boat. It has bungalows and traditional huts transformed into living areas.

Personally, I think their huts are unique and worth the try. The top floor is the living quarters, with a few beds under mosquito nets, electricity sockets, and simple necessities. The lower deck is perfect for lazy days, with hammocks ready for slumbers, that faces the beach. These huts are with shared bathrooms. On that, they’re a bit difficult to deal with when you need to pee at night, as you have to climb down steep stairs first. Then again, it still sounds like something worth the experience.

La Petit Kepa huts

I stayed in one of the bigger bungalows, since I was traveling in a group of four. The bigger bungalows had two large beds, under mosquito nets. It has an en-suite bathroom, a balcony, and a hammock. One hammock for the four of us? Claws come out!

Hammock fight - Accommodation in Alor

The unique thing about La Petit Kepa is that it tries to be very environmentally friendly. Electricity is only available at night, except for the main house. Fresh water is scarce because it’s bought from the mainland. However, I’m not sure how much there was, as the four of us survived the water provided. Or… we were just simple bathers (is that even a word?).

accommodations in Alor

The surrounding beaches are a bit tricky to enjoy. Alor has a reputation for having strong currents, even simply for swimming. There are swimming guidelines from La Petit Kepa that must seriously be obeyed if you don’t want to be catapult to open oceans within seconds. This becomes challenging considering the white sandy beaches are such teaser to swim freely.

accommodations in Alor

La Petit Kepa also has a dive center with their own boat and equipment, however diving is a bit pricey, which I heard was about EUR 50. They also have other activities which can be seen on their site here.

Overall, La Petit Kepa was perfect to spend my last night at Alor after all the drama and activities that I did. It’s so laid back. Did I mention the food was really good? Really! It is toadily one of the best accommodations in Alor by far!

The bungalow I used with three other friends cost about IDR 1,200,000, which was full board services.


La Petit Kepa

Mobile: +62 81 339 102 403



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