Accommodations in Talaud, North Sulawesi

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accommodations in talaud

Finding information on accommodations in Talaud Island was hard! So we went without any reservation. Turns out, we didn’t need to worry about a thing because there were a couple of options. We had a chance to stay in Melonguane for 2 nights and in Beo for a night. The accommodations were nothing fancy, but they kept us safe and dry, and that was enough for us, considering we were on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere, so to speak!

Hotel Mutiara, Melonguane

Mutiara Hotel is located on the main street that stretches long parallel to the port of Melonguane. It’s only about 10 minutes walk from the market and the port. When we got there that afternoon, the hotel was as sleepy as the town. We had to knock on the glass window of what seemed to be the reception counter, until finally a woman came out and we could ask about room availability.

After checking the room, we agreed to stay for 2 nights. The room was very basic, with a small double bed, a 14” TV set, air conditioner, a small cupboard and a towel rack. An ensuite bathroom was equipped with a squat toilet and a shower with no hot water. The walls were painted unevenly, the furniture and bed sheet looked old. In general it was a bit shabby, but you gotta give some credit for the painting hanging on the wall. At least they try to make the room look better.

accommodations in talaud

There were at least ten guest rooms at the hotel, built on two rows facing each other. Pots of plants were lined up in between the rows, and chairs and small tables are provided in front of each room. At 4ish pm they would serve snack (at that time fried battered banana) and tea on the small table for each guest, included in the room rate.

The back part of the hotel borders with the sea! There was a verandah where you could have your meals or read books with the sea view, though mosquitos gave no mercy when the night approached. You’d think having a beach right behind your hotel is awesome. Well, it was, except when we heard a rumor about a potential tsunami! Luckily it was just a rumor and I’ve written about it here.

accommodations in talaud

At the time of our stay, which was in April 2014, the room rate was IDR 200.000 / night. Including breakfast and afternoon snack.

No wifi. Hardly phone signal.


Mey San Homestay, Beo

Staying in Beo town on our last night in Talaud Island wasn’t in our plan. We decided to do so when sightseeing and saw how lively the town was, and found that there was a homestay.

Mey San Homestay, the only accommodation in Beo, is located beside a mini market, a short walk away from Beo’s biggest church, Imanuel. If you’re taking the shuttle car from Melonguane, you’ll be going past it a little before the car reaches downtown.

accommodations in talaud

Our room, like a few others, have a direct access to the parking lot. Plastic chairs and a small table are set in front of the room, where they serve fried doughballs as afternoon snack, and multifunctioned as our clothes drying space.

The room is in a better condition than Hotel Mutiara in Melonguane. It was cleaner, the furniture looked slightly newer, and also had a 14” TV and air conditioner. The bathroom, with a squat toilet, was separated only by a shower curtain from the bedroom, and was clean. As I recall, they didn’t serve breakfast, but being so close to the mini market, which was onwed by the same family as the homestay, made it easy for us to grab a quick bite.

 accommodations in talaud

The room rate was about IDR250,000/night, included afternoon snack. No wifi. Slightly better phone signal.

 * * *

Any other recommendation on accommodation in Talaud is welcomed, just let us know in the Comments below. Meanwhile, here’s a sight for sore eyes..

accommodations in talaud

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Lina W. Sasmita
5 years ago

You were lucky to get a fairly cheap accommodation in the far northern region which is usually expensive

5 years ago

Really? I remember not finding an expensive one.