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And we’re off again! Woohoo! We’ll be traveling for 10 days and this time we’re heading into the heart of the earth’s lungs. We’re entering Borneo, by choice. It’s an honor to be a part of The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy project called #WonderfulIndonesia incoherent with #IndonesiaOnly. We’re part of 13 travelers assigned to explore a destination of choice and this time, our heart goes to the wilderness of Betung Kerihun National Park in Kalimantan Barat (West Borneo). By the way, we’re going to use Kalimantan instead of Borneo, just so it’s clear that we’re in the Indonesian part of the island.

 G+ Borneo

Why Borneo?

We have a budget; honestly it’s a relatively hefty one. Thus, we both can travel. Having said that, we had to make the most of it. I have to say kudos for Vira, choosing yet another challenging destination. We initially had our eye on Sumba but annoying Achmad Alkatiri had to put dibs on it, even when it wasn’t time to name destinations just yet. So, Vira eyed the next best destination she could think of, but with hesitations.

“But Borneo isn’t that pricey. Wouldn’t it be a shame to use the budget on Borneo?” Vira asked.

“On the contrary!” I answered. Not many people understand how hard it is to travel within Borneo or Kalimantan. Traveling to Kalimantan might be relatively cheap, but traveling inland is where the money starts to pours out. The roads are bad and limited. So, the real goodies are hidden upstream, where roads end. With a far distance to travel on speedboats, renting is pricey. Not many understand this and not many would want to, considering it’s not a popular destination.

We’re also challenged to answer questions about Borneo. There have been demands of information about the area (such as in our favorite Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree Forum) and the need for more publication about it. So, from a glimpse of ‘100 Hari Keliling Indonesia’ a local TV series about traveling the country in 100 days, we decided to visit the Betung Kerihun National Park and the surrounding areas. We’re super excited!

#WonderfulIndonesia Campaign

The campaign itself is called #WonderfulIndonesia. It’s more of a photo campaign, telling more stories from pictures we take on our journey on our Google+.

Its main goal is basically to promote Indonesian destinations through photos. The main platform is Google+.

 #WonderfulIndonesia poster

Competition #1

What’s better is that not only will the 13 travelers get to share their stories on traveling, everyone else can participate. During this campaign, the ministry is also holding a photo competition for anyone that participates by uploading pictures on their Google+ timeline and mentioning #WonderfulIndonesia also #IndonesiaOnly. There’s a 5 day 4 night trip, redoing the #MinangkaBike trip to West Sumatra. You can read more information about the #WonderfulIndonesia campaign on this link (it’s in Indonesian).

Let us sum it up for you again:

–       Log in to your Google+ account (if you’re not on it yet, just sign up, it’s a piece of cake).

–       Post as much awesome pictures of Indonesia as you wish. Take good or unique pictures, guys!

–       Add #WonderfulIndonesia and #IndonesiaOnly hashtags on the caption and mention +Indonesia.Travel

–       Wait for the announcement, you might win the #MinangkaBike trip to West Sumatera, all paid for! FREE TRIP! WOOHOO!

Aside to that, we’re really happy with this campaign. It’s so up our alley, promoting more destinations outside of Bali. We really do need it!

 #WonderfulIndonesia #IndonesiaOnly

Competition #2

Another yummy competition that is attached to this campaign is with Urban Icon Store; which is a bag and accessories store spread throughout Indonesia. They’re having a different competition.

All you need to do is: reshare your favorite pictures from our #IndoIconTrip pics and mention +Urban Icon. It’s all on Google+. You could win yourself a item from their store, and believe me, they’re goodies you’d wanna win.

So, without further more to say, we bid you farewell for the next 10 days. We’ll have a few posts up during the trip and be on our regular social media – mobile connection permitting – but more of it on our Google+.


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Swastika Nohara
6 years ago

Have fun you guys! jangan lupa fotoin anak2 di Kalimantan baca komik GO8 yesss…. danke 🙂