Antiques Spread on Jalan Surabaya in Jakarta

Submitted by mumunmumun on 5 March 2013   •  Destination

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Rather than doing one photo blog, we decided to do five in one go. We just had to after visiting Jalan Surabaya, located in the heart of Jakarta. This street is packed with an eclectic collection of antiques, carvings, and other kinds of arts. We had so much fun just looking around and touching everything since the items were so unique. We left finger stains everywhere 😛 Vira was glad she didn’t have any money on her since she would definitely by something if she did.

For no particular reason, here are five vertical pictures that we got. It’s so hard to narrow it down to five but it must be done. Don’t hesitate to visit Jalan Surabaya, Jakarta, Guys! Not only are the items are so hard to resist to buy; the people are super friendly too.

Jalan Surabaya

Looking for any particular carving?

Jalan Surabaya

Antiques need a lot of manual maintenance.

Jalan Surabaya

Diving? Music? Wind? They’ve got it all.

Jalan Surabaya

Best passport photo so far.

Jalan Surabaya

Skeptical if this is authentic, but sure is interesting to see.

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