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Back In The Restyled Sheraton Hotel Bandung, West Java

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I don’t know what good deeds we have been doing, but lately we’ve been blessed with invitations to stay in 5 star hotels. If this was December, I would think it was Santa’s doing. Earlier in March, we stayed at Sheraton Hotel Bandung for a night. Same hotel that we stayed in 2013, but with a different look.

Sheraton Hotel

The Sheraton Hotel Bandung decided to change its look into something brighter, younger and more modern. The white and gray paints are now dominating both interior and exterior with touches of cool colors, replacing the warmer and classic look. I was surprised from the minute I saw the outside lobby all the way into the insides of our room at The Tower, the exact same room we stayed last year. It was like a whole new hotel, only with the same layout and structure.

“I recognize this look. It’s like… the Million Dollar Decorator show on TV. I can see much of it here,” Mumun confessing her liking to the TV show. It was the silver and gold linings, the goth-like chandeliers, and the courage to mix and match the dark and light colors that gave it away. It was a nice fresh look of luxury.

“Yes, it is like that. I watch that series, too.” Mbak Ari, the Online Marketing Manager, agreeing.

Sheraton Hotel

Once looking into the details, turns out they keep some things the same, some are totally different. Some carvings are still on the same doors, but some wayang decorations in the hallways are replaced with pop looking metal flowers. Hm. They totally took out the traditional Indonesian look and decoration out of the hotel. I really like the new look because it’s white (you should see the furniture at my home), simple, youthful and sweet, but I would like it even more if they would leave just a bit of Indonesian touch to the design.

Having said that, they’ve probably taken the concept from another angle. Before, it was Indonesian, or maybe more of Javanese touch. Now, it’s modern Bandung. See the flowers everywhere, all down to their carpets? It’s because Bandung is nicknamed as the “flower city” among other names. Aha! Gosh, it’s so simple, yet we needed Mbak Ari to uncover that for us. D’oh!

Sheraton Hotel

We are happy to know that all the new decorations and furniture are made in Indonesia! The interior designer may be Malaysian, but they somehow managed to find the lovely goods from all over West Java. Including the terrace chairs, the custom-designed carpets, and many more.

My most favorite change was the bathroom. Yep! Especially the huge bathtub that reminds me of those classic bathtubs in Hollywood movies. I love it. Not because it’s like in the movies but just because I love the look of it. And the way that it’s not attached to the walls make the whole bathroom feel spacious. Plus, the shower! Oh, god bless the designer of this microphone-look-alike shower!

Sheraton Hotel

However, something still stays the same and we are absolutely thankful for it: they keep the goose feather pillows, four on each bed. Life is really good when you’re surrounded by more that enough goose feather pillows.. 🙂

With all the changes the hotel is going through, there’s one thing that remains one of the best luxury of them all; their green lush view from the Towers. There would be no need for air conditioners, just an open door to the valley. The cool air enters your room with the sound of birds and forest bugs chirping, letting you forget about city life for a second. Priceless!

Sheraton Hotel

And to make life even better, have a masseuse massage you just before bedtime. On our visit to Sheraton Hotel Bandung, the spa was still under renovation, so we had our traditional massage in the room. Mumun, as a fan to traditional massages, said that after almost a year they still haven’t lost their touch. Yeah, the plan was to doze off right after that, but.. what’s a travel blogger if they didn’t blog on their travels, right? Zzzzz….

We had our breakfast and evening snacks on the Tower Lounge, lunch and dinner at the temporary area by the pool because Feast Restaurant was being renovated. All the food we gobbled down was yummo! We had a lamb and tuna steak, dry noodle with shrimps, which I had seconds and thirds, various sweet little cakes and the usual continental breakfast.

I just hope that all the food I had was successfully burned out with my morning run in their gym. If not, well, at least I really enjoyed my scrumptious delight!


They’ve set up a new website here and go check their handpicked Guest Gallery from guests that upload pictures on Instagram with #sheratonbandung.

* Our stay was a complimentary from Sheraton Hotel Bandung, but the opinions are our own.

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