Banda on the Ground

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The thing about digital cameras is that one can take so many pictures at any given time as long as you have enough space on your memory card. Hence, when traveling to the middle of Banda Sea, possibly the deepest trough in the world, I took so many pictures not knowing when I’ll be back. I have a lot of pictures of traveling to Banda, especially since I traveled there twice, both in the presence of Ipink. We both love this mini archipelago and would jump up and down at any opportunity to visit.

Remain cannon on Banda Neira 2Banda was once an the center of the world’s expeditions.

Remain cannon on Banda Neira

Old colonial building part of the Istana Mini

Belgica Fort Banda NeiraBelgica Fort, Maluku.

Part of the Belgica Fort

Belgica Fort Wall Banda Neira

VOC symbol

Parigi Rante - the well where they dispose the bodies of prominent Banda people

Parigi Rante, the well where the prominent ancestors people were disposed. 

Despite I have posted a few times about Banda, I do have a few photos that I’d like to share about Banda. Some stuff that doesn’t really support any of the previous post directly, but probably give you an idea of the nuance of the islands. It holds a place in my heart because of its significance towards Indonesia, and the world, for that matter. In short, it was the heart of the world trades in the past, the reason VOC –the first multinational company–was established, possibly the cause Christopher Colombus found America, and it’s where one of the oldest genocide occurred.  Not getting into much details because it really is a very long story, I’d rather show you the Banda I knew from my visits.

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From Maulana Hotel

There is a becak on Banda

The roads on Banda Neira

Banda Neira streets

Fire wood make sense in a remote island

patterns on kora-kora Banda Neira

Bed to founding father - HattaFormer bed of Indonesia’s founding father, Hatta, during his exile. 

Coming home to Banda

Fishermen boats at Banda, Maluku


Also, just to let you know, there is a documentary that was released a few days ago about the long history of Banda. Although not my favorite documentary of all time, I believe the movie plays some significant role in documenting on Indonesia. It’s also an interesting type of documentary, trying to combine aesthetically beautiful shots with the context of the story. It’s also ready for the world, hence subtitles are provided.

Banda Men at Lonthoir

Practicing Cakele Dance

kuburan orang BandaThe grave of Banda people is covered with white sand.

Remains of the structure to smoke nutmeg

Afternoon at Lonthoir

Out at Hollandia Fort

Banda Besar Gang

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9 months 8 days ago

Banda selalu menggoda, apalagi tempat paling tenang dan pengen buat datang kesana lagi

Apalagi perjalanan menggunakan pelni bikin rindu

8 months 14 days ago

Great journey, I always wanted to go there. Such a beautiful place to learn history and also joys its views. Hope, someday I can visit that place. Keep post such article ya.