In These Dark Times – Price of Paradise

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There is a price of paradise. Lush tropical forests are results of high fertility of volcanic land. White sandy beaches faces the ocean, the worlds biggest mystery. Exoticism is opposite to modern life and comfort has a bill to it. All of which is what Indonesia is rich in.

In the past few weeks, it has been hard to tell you about how nice our country is. And it will be also in the next weeks to come. The country is currently, as the Indonesians would put it, “tested”. Wasior in Papua was flooded, hundreds of lives were taken, hundreds of people are missing, and thousands were badly wounded. Then a few days ago Mount Merapi at DI Yogyakarta province has just erupted. It is not a major eruption and anticipation was prepared, however lives are still lost. Mentawai experienced a dreadful tsunami, a disaster in surfing heaven, and has claimed more lives. Jakarta is just hopeless in traffic and flooding due to obese rain, creating loss of economy for all levels of the society. How would we ask you to come see what we have to offer amongst this natural and man-made disasters? And it’s hard to convince anyone that the land still has hopes and offers dreams.

We try not to be ignorant and say that ‘the hell with it, trust us! It’s OK! Visit Indonesia!’. It’s definitely not in some areas. We do, however, like to clarify that Indonesia is an archipelago, where the land and sea is vast and the misfortune of one area does not mean it will affect the other. We would still invite you to see what this mad country has to offer. Traveling to understand or spread understanding to those you visit is a privilege. It is a chain we should not break. And to travel Indonesia at the moment, you can see how ‘positive’ we are and how easily we can bounce back from this state. Should you choose to travel near the mentioned areas, be aware that there would be more attention towards the needs of others.

We send our condolences to those that are in loss. In some ways, it is not something that we all can control, and in this we have to believe it’s fate. We pray that those of loss will regain some faith, and that this country can be the paradise to its people and others as it has always been.

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