Friday Photo – Sleep on the Water at Karimunjawa

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After a whole month of fasting for the moslems, hence the absence of many holiday trips since they outnumber any other kinds of Indonesians, trip organizers are back to promoting their trips that will happen starting next month and maybe even late in this month. One of the most favorite destinations would be: Karimun Jawa, Central Java.

Above is a picture of Wisma Apung, which belongs to the late Mr. Joko, now run by his family, in which I had my stay in 2008. Until now it’s still a favorite to travelers because of its uniqueness: the lodge stands in the middle of the sea, not attached to the land at all. It’s great to get out of the room and suddenly plunge into the water, and then at night gaze at the stars at the – sort of – gazebo.

Travel Indonesia: Karimun Jawa, Central Java

A good friend of ours, who traveled Sulawesi with us in a month ago, is actually organizing 2 long-weekend trips to Karimun Jawa on October 1st and 15th. Reach him at for more details. Oh and he speaks good English, so, non-Indonesians are welcome to come aboard.

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