Seeing the Big City in Big Way – Jakarta.

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It has become a usual thing for me to come on to Jakarta on a plane. It’s a consequence of working in remote areas and for living in an archipelago. I don’t really pay that much attention to the view coming in this big city since most of the time I despise it. It’s a city that is polluted, crowded, expensive and chaotic (I actually really like this last element :P). Seeing it from the air, usually makes me a bit nauseas as I am coming from paradises to THE city. So usually I skip sight seeing and continue my nap.

But for this one time, I just happen to have sunny day light upon it. Jakarta is no doubt a huge city! And the pollution clouds over it even on a sunny day. Can you imagine the amount of people running around down there? Experiencing Jakarta on land is full on, but seeing it from the sky really puts my view of this city to an extrapolated scale. However, seeing it from the sky and picturing people running about looking for and making money, it suddenly becomes this satire beauty. This God’s eye view really made me understand that Jakarta is fascinating even though it’s polluted and chaotic. It’s where everything happens and a lot to come.

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And as I failed to remember, Jakarta has Mount Pangrango-Gede National Park in the outskirts. It’s the mountain in the distance which we have yet to report about. It’s a beautiful mountain and has lush forest and … I guess the lungs of this city, keeping it breathable for now!

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7 years 5 months ago

Off-course it safe to visit Jakarta as well as other area in Indonesia, such Bali, Lombok, Komodo, Banda just for few example.You are wecmole to Jakarta and you will enjoy staying in Jakarta.There so many negative news about Jakarta, terrorism etc.etc. This is because there is a lot of tourist destination in this region, which create unfair completion and untrue publicity.Many expat are living in Jakarta for years. They didn’t want to move out from Indonesia.