Friday Photo: Back to 1930s Bandung

Submitted by viravira on 21 October 2010   •  Java   •  Bandung

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As I strolled down the old part of Bandung city a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this nostalgic view. No, I didn’t live in the 1930s, but this Savoy Homann Hotel was built in that decade. It’s one of the many remaining Art Deco buildings in Bandung, designed by a Dutch architect Albert Aalbers, located on Jalan Asia Afrika.

I remember about 12 years ago, my college mates and I were sitting on the sidewalk, drawing this building as a part of our Drawing class assignments. What?! 12 years ago?? Oh geez, time reeaally flies.

Travel Indonesia: Bandung

Bandung is said to have one of the most largest collections of Art Deco buildings in the world!

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