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Submitted by mumunmumun on 11 November 2010   •  Destination   •  Bali

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You might see a lot of pictures of Indonesian dancers, especially Balinese dancers. You might see them in action, which is known to be the best time to shoot. For me, it has no longer become something extraordinary. I still admit it’s beautiful but, you know, if you see something too often, you usually loose the special value of it until someone else points it out for you.

This is Afsy Nadina, a dear friend that is currently living in Portugal. She has become a traditional Balinese dancer fulfilling cultural needs for Indonesians and curious Portugese. It takes the eye and camera of her Portugese friend, Luis Conde, to remind me again how beautiful an Indonesian dancer is even if it’s the form of a friend that I usually see with a t-shirt, jeans and flip flops.

Travel Indonesia: Bali

Thank you Luis for reminding me the beauty and humbleness of Indonesia’s dancers and for letting us put this picture 🙂

For more of his pictures visit and his flicker page.

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