Postcard Perfect Wakatobi Islands

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A contribution from our friend Arief who just had his first trip to the famous Wakatobi Islands, Southeast Sulawesi.

Indonesia Travel - Wakatobi

If you think Bali has the best beaches, that means you’ve never really been anywhere in Indonesia. This dreamy beach is at a small island called Hoga, in the Wakatobi archipelagi, Southeast Sulawesi. Visitors are so few, you can count them with just one of your hands while the other is holding your dropping jaws so as not to fall out of amazement. Stars fill up the sky so brightly at night, I even saw so many falling stars. Sure there are a lot of mosquitoes, but you can handle that with repellent liquids, and there are also lots and lots of beautiful fireflies to make the island even dreamier.

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