Bromo Cowboys

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Mount Bromo, 2392 meters above sea level is a height that can be quite tiring to achieve if you are not physically fit. Fortunately, there are horses that residents will rent to you. If you’d like, you can use two horses – one for you and the other for your luggage. That way the top of Bromo becomes more enjoyable and you will feel like you are playing cowboys when you look at the scenery. The only thing missing is the gun.. and the saloon. And the bad sheriffs. A lot of locals from Surabaya and Malang will recommend that you take a day or two out of your travels to do this trip since the view is spectacular. You will find that you can be flexible with your Surabaya hotel reservations the week you choose to come down for your vacation.

Indonesia Travel - Bromo mountain, East Java

Text & Photo by our friend Luqman Baihaqi

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Eloïse Le Bras
Eloïse Le Bras
5 years 2 months ago

Hey Luqman Baihaqi,
My name is Eloïse and I am a french 21 years old girl.
I plan to travel in Indonesia from the 21 of June until the 6 of July 2015.
I like your experience in Bromo! How was it, for renting a horse? How many does it cost? Are we free in the mountain, or does a guid come with us? Can we gallop with the horses? I can ride a horse, and I don’t want to have a slow walking…
Do you think I can leave alone in the mountain?
Thank you for your nice article!!!

5 years 2 months ago
Hi Eloise, Let me help answer the question as I too have been to Bromo. Mind you, the horses are small unlike that abroad. It used to cost IDR 50,000 / return from the black sand desert to the foot of the crater. Now, I think it’s higher than that. Usually the guide comes with. Galloping isn’t hardly common as most visitors aren’t horse riders, but you can ask the guide if it’s possible. I think with more money you could but you have to understand these horses aren’t trained based on a certain ‘horse training standard’. It’s mostly based… Read more »