The Killing In A Laser Game, Jakarta

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Have you ever wondered what it feels like shooting a bullet, killing enemies, and be in a battlefield? I have, and I finally found out how it all feels… I never thought it would be as fun and as addictive as it turned out to be. I (and maybe you all) gotta be careful with this new addiction of mine.. shooting innocent people.. in a laser war! Ha! About a week ago we had a session of laser war at Laser Game Indonesia in Kemang, South Jakarta. (I prefer using ‘war’ to ‘game’ cos we really did have a shoot-to-kill spirit in the arena.) Mumun and I each lead a team of 3. Team Green: Mumun, Vindhya, and Uliel. Team Red: Vira, Dyna, and Aji (whom we abducted from a hangout with Uliel only 10 minutes prior the war).

activity in Jakarta 

The anticipation built up since we were still at the lobby. The staff geared us up at this futuristic space with striking neon lights and doors that reminded me of Star Trek or some other shows alike. They briefed us on how to shoot and release the grenade. Yes, I repeat, GRENADE! They also briefed us on the rules of the game, which we paid little attention to (we were going to war and you want us to pay attention to details?!) And the war began…!!! *smoke gun effect *

 activity in Jakarta

Each session lasts 15 minutes, which totally felt like a blink of an eye. Little did we know that it had a similar impact with working out. Hiding in between the maze in the dark, trying to shoot our enemies in the chest, shoulders, or on the guns, while figuring out whether it was a friend or foe that we were shooting, surprisingly was quite tiring and it made us sweat! Plus, the hysterical shout each time we got shot that added excitement, and draining s’more energy! And should we even mention the laughter we had to suffer during the game? That was some serious abs workout!


Activity in Jakarta

The war was awesome and fun. (Never thought I would use ‘war’ and ‘fun’ in the same sentence!) Team Green won – only by a teeny weeny points, thank you! – and Mumun got the highest score individually! *handing out a trophy to Mumun* 

 Mumun: I’d like to thank my parents, and America with all their war movies. I’ve learned a lot *shed a tear*

I know a lot of you aren’t interested in Jakarta much, but this laser game could be a fun thing to do when you’re in a transit visit in the city. Its location in the middle of Kemang makes it easy to find a hang out before and after sessions. And to us, it’s great to have found one more activity in our residence city that could sorta be a placebo to our itchiness to travel. It’s even beyond the usual travel, especially the laser game, you’re like traveling to the next galaxy!

How much money you should prepare:

IDR 40,000 / person / session

IDR 50,000 / person on Tuesday and Saturday (unlimited duration)

For more information and updates, head directly to their official website.


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