Road Trippin’ Again!

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Last weekend was a long weekend for Indonesia. Thursday was ‘Nyepi’, a big day for the all Hindus. So while the Hindus were living in silence, the rest of the nation chose to celebrate a holiday away from work. Woohoo! The beauty of living in a country that embraces a lot of religions and had a gracious president in the past that declared so many national holidays within a year is we get a lot of vacations. So bad for business, so good for traveling!

We chose to road trip to Dieng, which was highly recommended by Oystein, our crack bookie.  We traveled with Reno (from the Sulawesi trip), Ito, Jaka (an Indonesian travel writer ), and mad Mad. Initially we were gonna use the public transport, but someone had kindly lent their car and subsidized some petrol for the road, hence we made it a genuine road trip (Mas Boy,  we thank you heaps!). Other reasons? We didn’t need any 😀

The Dieng gang

Road trips can be tiring but they sure are fun! You strip everything back to slow traveling, sitting yourself down for hours getting to the destination which can be reached within an hour on a plane. Although some might think that road trips would be a pleasant ride, in a developing country like Indonesia, the roads are more to fate. The wrong turn can result to a rollercoaster on torn up asphalt. It’s quite an adrenaline rush but it’s also no picnic to be sitting in the back seat, on top of the tires on a bumpy road! *swallow back puke

Our special guest on this road trip was Irene. Wondering who she is, hey? She was the voice we – the boys, to be exact – chose on our GPS system. And boy did she really make this into a real road trip. Thanks to her, we got lost! Irene navigated us through a small road that wasn’t passable. Hence we had to spend an extra 5 hours in the car just to redo our route from Semarang to Dieng. We should’ve known better than to solely trust a GPS system. We’re such spoiled lazy bratz hahaha… . We asked for a road trip, and fo sho Irene gave it to us! But then again, what is a road trip without getting lost? (We love you, Irene!)

Road trips, as is any kind of traveling, helps you get to know your travel mates a lot better. But being stuck in one car for days does accelerates the process. A journey can slowly evolve your relationships to being best-ies or you might end up killing each other. At the start of this trip, we didn’t know each other on the same level. Eventually, we knew how one drives a car, which revealed a bit about their true characters. They say you live like you drive *cough! We knew how they dealt with our ‘hiphop talk’ game and we could see they regret ever participating since we videoed it. We knew who was in an actual war and survived it. By the end of it, we found out that as calm as he looks, Ito is a bad ass driver, Mad is too tall for any car except probably a limousine, and 4 boys plus a virtual woman results in a head butting discussion. Usually, you will also know with whom you can’t get along – fortunately, we didn’t have a blood bath. And of course, we knew who snores the loudest! Hahahaha… we’ll keep that for future blackmail use.

guess who this is

Yes, road trips are journeys that are as important as the destination because half the time you are on the road. It’s filled with never ending stories for each and every one of its participants. The best thing about a road trip is reaching that bloody destination in the sky on all fours together with your travel mates, and loving every second of it. 

With travel mates on top of Dieng

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