Cave Tubing in Pindul Cave, D I Yogyakarta

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Mumun and I went cave tubing with the Yogyes crew a while ago. Then on a press trip a few months after that I returned to the same cave, as an itinerary arranged by Pop Hotel’s PR team. Cave tubing in Pindul Cave is one of the sites that Yogyakarta’s tourism board has been promoting to boost up the betterment of Gunung Kidul regency, south of Yogyakarta. They hit bull’s eye, I must say, seeing that a lot of people have been talking about it and it’s become more of a popular tourist activity.

cave tubing

Cave tubing in Pindul Cave is easy peasy for city kids like us (and maybe like you, too), yet you get a slight of natural adventure in the activity. You basically go to the site’s office, sign up, get briefed and geared up, carry your rented tire to the river.

cave tubing

cave tubing

The guide helped pulling our tires while we were sitting in the tire with our butts in the water like bosses. The guide basically told the same story about the cave being mystical, some of the stalactites having super power to boost men’s sexuality and women’s agelessness, and the same ‘total darkness session’ where they asked us to turn off all the lights. The only difference is that this tour operator is the government’s official tour with certificates and all, and the other one is more of local guys trained by these official guys. At least that’s what these officials told me.

cave tubing

Cave tubing in Pindul Cave was a slow and relaxing activity. Don’t expect something as physical as body rafting, though you’re also streaming down a river. But to me, going with a different group had its own entertainment. I got to see the different reactions toward the same thing, but it was always predictable how excited people would be on the super power stalactites, because we all want to be super heroes in the sack! LOL…

cave tubing

Overall, this group of journalists seemed less excited than we were before, as they always are as I’ve come to notice. Nobody jumped from the cliff at the end of the cave, making me look normal and not unbrave like when I went with Mumun, Abud and Yogyes. Score for me! Ugh!

Before going back to the office and slipping to dry clothes, we stopped by a bakso diner to munch a bit. The fried bakso, noodles and fried wontons in hot soup were seriously a yummy treat after a playtime in the water!

cave tubing

Both of the times I went to Pindul Cave didn’t require me knowing how to get there. There were local acquaintances and the drivers, and all I did was chit chat on the way while daydreaming 😛 But I remember that it took about an hour from the city centre of Yogyakarta.

Entrance and renting fee was about IDR 30,000 / person, for a group of minimum 5 people. Or you can perhaps check for more updated information.

If you’re not ready with extra clothes, there’s a shop that sells shorts, t-shirts, even under garments so you can go home dry.


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Goa Pindul Jogja
4 years ago

Now the entrance is 40.000
source :