This Might Be the Cheapest Hostel in Yogyakarta, But It’s Actually Priceless

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Every single person working in tourism is actually a key player in the industry including Anes, owner of Yez Yez Yez All Good Hostel in Yogyakarta. Placing a very low price for his ‘capsule’ rooms, he’s boosting tourism by making it possible for longer exploration of Yogyakarta. Backpackers can travel safely knowing there’s an affordable place in Yogyakarta with open arms. But having one of the cheapest hostel in Yogyakarta doesn’t mean he’s setting a low standard accommodation. On the contrary, he might have one of the most ‘expensive’ places I’ve ever seen.

the playground at yez yez yez the cheapest hostel in yogyakarta
Common area of Yez Yez Yez All Good Hostel Yogyakarta

His ‘pods’ are basically a single mattress walled by duplexes. Each pod is completed with a reading light and power sockets. Despite it looking like a pod, it’s more like a dorm-kinda room with little privacy, making it easy for occupants to interacting with each other. Lockers are available for valuables. Shared bathrooms are also clean, though tight, and showers are available (without the Indonesian tub with ladle-kinda-majig bathroom). Toilets are also equipped with toilet paper. So, international standards apply.

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Pods at the yez yez yes the cheapest hostel in yogyakarta
It’s about 1 by 2 meters in space.

There are private rooms which I failed to peek in due to a full occupancy, but according to their Instagram account, the rooms look pretty pleasant, complete with en-suite bathrooms. There are two floors in the current private rooms, built like a mezzanine.

There is no AC in any of the rooms, just a simple fan. I think there’s just a shared fan in the dorm area, so expect a little sweat in some hot days. With prices as low as IDR 45,000/room/night, there’s practically no room for complaints. But honestly, the rooms are a lot cleaner and pleasant than I expected.

Pods are secluded behind a thin cloth at yez yez yez hostel the cheapest hostel in yogyakarta
Pods are secluded behind a thin cloth.
front facade at the private room at the cheapest hostel in yogyakarta
Front facade at the private room.

So what makes this accommodation expensive, despite prices showing it as the cheapest hostel in Yogyakarta? If you haven’t noticed, it’s a very artsy place. All hand made by Anes and his friends. Anes is one of those very creative artists who like to build things with his hands. Known to have helped build many eclectic accommodations around Yogyakarta, he finally decided to build his own. And I dig it.

Anes of yez yez yes the cheapest hostel in yogyakarta
Anez. He also did work in some of the eclectic hostels around Yogyakarta.

There’s some pretty cool art spread around the spacious place. Just walking around the property and looking at each art up close, I figure, would take a minimum hour. It’s like an art gallery with something unique in every piece of the hostel, from the rooms, doors, kitchen, and lounging area. My particularly favorit art work is a face painted half inside of the hostel, half outside, on the wall just beside the pool. If seen from a certain spot near the tattoo parlour (yes, he does tattoos too) you can see the paintings (or murals) come together perfectly. It wasn’t finished when I visited, but it already looked pretty dope.

Half and half art at the yez yez yez all good hostel the cheapest hostel in yogyakarta
The half and half art that I can’t wait to see when completed.

The kitchen area can serve food but the menu is still a bit limited. I haven’t tried the food as I would eat take out with Bulan and Anes during my visit. Anes himself is friendly. The hostel is very welcome to guests bringing friends and hang out. Ordering food and drinks are better. As long as they respect the other guest, I think their doors are always open. I might be bias since I came with Bulan, fellow travel blogger and friend of Anes, but some places just have that vibe.

The place is definitely something. There’s really no price for all the art work spread around the hostel, as there’s a little of him everywhere you see. What’s best of the whole place is Anes himself. He’s easy going, laid back, has a good sense of humor, at the same time very resourceful when it comes to helping you with tours, arranging itineraries, even to the next city one’s eyeing on. It’s just that sometimes he’s not home, but I’m assured that his staff is as helpful as he is.

Some artsy activities that you can do in Yogyakarta: pottery making. 

Yez Yez Yes Yogyakarta

Brontokusuman, Mergangsan, Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55153

Phone: +62 817 9377 100

the shower at yez yez yez the cheapest hostel in yogyakarta

tattoo parlor ygyakarta - the cheapest hostel in yogyakarta
Tattoo parlor within the hostel complex.
Library and lounging area. Better get there while the bean bags are unoccupied.
The tent will be available soon.
I don’t have to understand all art. #notetoself

This would be a dope pool in yogyakarta - the cheapest hostel in yogyakarta
If filled, surely this pool would be rad. One day.
yez yez yez playground the cheapest hostel in Yogyakarta
The common and play area.

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2 years 2 months ago

This looks so cool … plus I neeeed to visit Yogya!!! sigh, someday!

indah nuria
2 years 2 months ago

This looks so fun and colorful indeed! I should try it on the next trip to Jogja

Dita Indrihapsari
2 years 2 months ago

Woah, love the library and lounging area so much.. Looks so comfortable.. 🙂