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Villas in Bali

When on vacation, you’d want to vacate from the daily things in life. Work, annoying colleagues, buzzing neighbors, traffic, and the routines are probably a few things you’re trying to get yourself away from. It might be some consideration to book an accommodation with some exclusiveness, secluded from the ordinary. Villas and resorts might be the way to go, or so I have concluded during my stay in the villas in Bali. Tjendana Villas had invited me to enjoy some of their luxurious villas and had led me to the food for thought on this post.

Tjendana Villas Nusa Dua

This brand new complex of villas is located on Mumbul Hill. Having said that, the clusters of villas look out to the Nusa Dua beaches, and on a sunny morning you can see all the way to what I’m assuming is Batur Mountain. Very nice!

 Mount Batur

The Tjendana Villa Nusa Dua complex consist of one, two, or three-bedroom private villas, each with a pool. On the two-bedroom villa, I particularly loved my one side window-wall room. During the night, the complex lighting scheme creates a nice view. During the day, the whole room is illuminated by the abundant sunlight shining through the wall. It’s as good as a cup of coffee to wake me up in the morning. I can imagine how mellow it would be during a rainy day.

 Tjendana Villa Nusa Dua

The room color scheme is also enjoyable. Turquoise. Very calming.

The below room felt smaller, probably because the pool and dining area took up some space. I would imagine this villa would be perfect for a small family vacating to Bali or a small group of people traveling together, especially considering it’s not too far from Tanjung Benoa, the heart of water sports and activities. The crossing to Nusa Lembongan isn’t too far either.

 Pool at a villa in BaliFoto by Firsta. 

The complex has a main avenue connecting all of the units. A light open vehicle can take you to and from the front gate as part of the service, but honestly walking the area felt better as the complex had a nice homey feel to it. This coming from a girl that grew up in a complex.

The service also includes breakfast brought to your villa every morning. I Have one little comment for their accommodation. I’m hoping the management is working on the food, because Tjendana Villas Nusa Dua deserves a great, if not extraordinary, breakfast. For now, the breakfast is far from special and really needs an upgrade of taste.

 Breakfast at Tjendana Villa Nusa Dua

Tjendana Villa Nusa Dua is located not too far from Mangiat Beach of the BTDC complex Nusa Dua. As you probably have recalled, it’s the location of the waterblow.

Tjendana Villas Nusa Dua

Jl. Gedong Sari No. 1, Mumbul Hill,

Nusa Dua, Bali – Indonesia. 80363

Ph. +62 361 875 8884| Email:

For more information, you can click here:

Kunti Villas, Seminyak

Kunti Villas is a row of villas is located in Seminyak, It’s name isn’t something special as it is located on Kunti II road, but helps you remember the address. Upon entrance there’s not much to see beyond the front lobby. The long-walled alley hides the one or two-bedroom villas with private pools.

The rooms are surprisingly huge, needing two AC for optimal cooling. Being a tropical girl, I only used one just when things felt a little too humid for my liking. The bathroom is another ballpark itself, measuring not too far off from the bedroom.

 Kunti Villas Bali

The pool was fairly large and would do for a small family or even a nice small pool party. There are plenty sitting areas, both under the roof and under the stars.

Come to think of it, I like the setting of Kunti Villas. It’s located in Seminyak but not too deep within the busy areas. I woke up to a peaceful atmosphere, far from any sound of traffic. The villas are designed to be a friendly open space within each compound. And I love the frangipani trees that had just shed some flowers for me to wear.

Bali frangipani


Kunti Villas Seminyak

Jl. Kunti II, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia 8236

More information about Kunti Villas head here:

In both villas, I felt a sense of coming home, privacy, and luxury, of course. Tjendana Villas is working for nothing less. The staff was very friendly, as any high end resort would service. I imagine it would be a great way to travel to Bali and be tucked away from the world. I guess that’s what villas and resorts, are always trying to offer compared to hotels. No buildings, just houses.

What do you think villas offer, villas in Bali in particular?


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