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The news had been circulating my social medias for sometime before I finally saw the place. Co & Co Space had it’s soft launch and I’ve heard good things about the co-working space in Bandung. In the event of the second #TravelNBlog, I decided to prospect  the venue out being a space for online workers, coherent to our gig. Did it live up to our expectations?

Coworking space in Bandung

 The common working area was awesome for working! Being in cool Bandung, the open windows were the perfect air circulation for the room without AC. Because their glass windows stretch from ceiling to floor on one side, natural light came in abundantly during a sunny day. On the other side of the window were stools backing up bar-like tables in the open air for smoking tenants. It was an nice setting.

Co & Co Space Bandung

The tables were wide, spacious for laptops, notebooks, and beverages. It was great to just lay things out on the table without bothering too much about the people beside me, although there weren’t a lot of people during my visit anyways. The Internet speed was awesome for work, with one third of the space capacity occupied. Awesome here would be ‘OK’ for visitors from developed countries and being buffering once or twice only, when watching Youtube.

The best spot would have to be the small balcony area facing the green streets of Bandung. It’s THE spot to work coming in to twilight.

Working space in Bandung

For me, a suburb dweller on the outskirts of Bandung that struggle for good internet and a conducive workplace, I enjoyed working here. It had the necessities for a productive time. I easily stayed for the whole day, getting a few things done. I was also able to leave my laptop unattended on the table safely, while I popped out for lunch. Restaurants and food stalls are a walk away. It’s strategic location is also a big plus, being in the middle of the city and fairly close to the major activity areas.

My few notes would be there aren’t any coffee joints close enough for a fix. I’ve heard they’re making a cafe on the ground floor (Co & Co Space is located on the second floor), which actually would solve this urgent matter. Because it’s a relatively open space, some sounds can be heard from the street, with doors and windows open. It’s fine when days are slow and not on a busy jamming day. If you’re a daily visitor (not a monthly member), you have no access to free flow of mineral water, tea, and coffee. Debatable disadvantage considering there’s always a ‘warung’ a few meters away for these kind of needs in anywhere Indonesia.

Corners of the coworking space in Bandung

Price from December 2014 were IDR 50,000 / day and IDR 200,000 / month. Only monthly membership include free flow of water, coffee, and tea. I’ve consider that I could spend IDR 50,000 on two cups of great coffee and working in a Bandung cafe, but the productive ambiance is something that coworking space offer compared to cafes, not to mention reducing the possibility of a noisy bunch popping in, looking for a good time hanging out with friends.

They also have a few meeting rooms that are for rent. One other interesting thing about the venue was also their silent room, especially for those that look for close-to-nothing sound.

silent space at co & co space bandung

To my verdict, it lived up to my needs for a co-working space in Bandung and actually exceeded my expectations a bit by being perfect for the #TravelnBlog workshop. I don’t think I’ll get away with procrastinating from Indohoy work anymore, while I’m back home. Shucks!

Co & Co Space

Jl. Dipatiukur 5, Bandung


Phone: +62 22 250 6301

Twitter: @Conco_space

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