The Coffee Shop in Singkawang, West Kalimantan

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You can’t get anymore generic or clearer than the name ‘Toko Kopi Nikmat’ or delicious coffee shop. It just is. Apparently, it’s also the ‘Cheers Bar’ of the town because a lot of people seem to lead us there upon our query for a good place to have breakfast and where every one knew everybody’s name. So we strolled to this coffee shop in Singkawang, which wasn’t too far from our hotel Prapatan.

Coffee shop in Singkawang - Toko Kopi NIkmat

It was a lot simpler than the coffee shops we visited in Pontianak. The brewer was located in the back of the shop, the cakes were neatly stored in a glass cabinet, and the sunshine was the wall on one side of the shop. Just chairs, coffee, and food. Simple.

I had a cup of black coffee. Like Pontianak, this coffee shop has also adapted the Malay-style coffee or called Kopitiam. The milk coffee would use condense milk, so it can balance the thick Malay-style coffee. It has a richer taste and body of coffee, that is in my opinion. The beverage tasted smooth and wasn’t overly powered by the bitter taste. It was a nice kick in the morning.

Coffee shop in Singkawang - the food and coffee

As for food, we had what was in the cabinet. It was too hard to resist all the traditional cake, but I finally decided to grab the green cake just so the decision-making was over and done with. I wasn’t too sure what the cake I bought was called, but some call it Bingka. It was sweet, green of pandanus leaves, and soft. It was really good. It probably is a Melayu cake, as my aunt that lives in Batam, rich with Malay culture, loves to bring some to Jakarta.

Another dish that this shop had was the satay. I don’t recall it having a specific name. It was beef satay, served with rice cake AND rice noodles, just in case people would fall short on their carbs each morning. Jolly! The beef was tender and in small cuts, the peanut sauce was smooth, so no chewing effort before caffeine shot. The taste? Rich.

 Coffee shop in Singkawang - beef satay

Not surprisingly, the owner was a Tionghoa ethnicity. She was really nice, advising us where to go and what we can see a walk away. She, like most of the people of the city, was relaxed. She wasn’t being overly nice with a busy shop to attend to that morning but she was also loose and welcoming. I knew I was a tourist, but it didn’t feel as much.

 Coffee shop in SIngkawang - the Amoys

Like its name, I had delicious coffee. Overall, we had a great breakfast. The buskers, which seemed like a regular ‘band’ to the coffee shop, were not bad, either. They played mostly Malay-influenced Indonesian songs and some guests sang and hummed along while enjoying their breakfast. It was a great way to start the day to explore Singkawang.

 Coffee shop in Singkawang - live music in the morning

Warung Kopi Nikmat

Jalan Sejahtera, Singkawang

Kalimantan Barat

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