Diving Kepulauan Seribu – My Diving Square One

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Diving Kepulauan Seribu last weekend turned out to be more than I expected. I know that I shouldn’t have many expectations when traveling because let’s face it, the real thing is never as anyone would expect. Most of the time, it’s even better. Muhaha! However, this was Kepulauan Seribu Marine National Park, a place that I thought I’d be familiar with by now. OK, so I was pretty much amazed on my last trip, but I didn’t think that I could top that off. So, as much as I knew that I would be educated by my advance dives, surprisingly the trip was a lot of fun and mellow at the same time.

Kepulauan Seribu

From the underwater part of the trip, Kepulauan Seribu still had some tricks up its sleeves. I visited the reputable spooky Tabula Rasa Wreck. I haven’t got the story about it but divers usually screech ‘eek…’ on the idea. Thus, I did too. But, if the Instructor says that’s the wreck that we’ll wreck (kidding, of course), then that’s where we’re headed. With visibility no more than 5 meters, this wreck is hard to find. Luckily we did and it was beautiful! We could only see the bow of the ship up to its main mast. The rest was oblivion. Countless fishes crowded the mast. The murky waters added the spooky ambiance and the slight current made it mystically interesting! My proper night dive was no less appealing. Just descending from the main port of Pramuka Island after dark, so much life came alive.

Diving Kepulauan Seribu

But the main highlight of my trip was just watching the open water class that was with us. I couldn’t help myself be reminded of the sensation I had when I did my first ocean dive. From the fear of losing my buddy to the endless viewing of my gauge in fear I’ll run out of air, everything came back to me as I saw the student gear up for their first sea descend. It’s one of those irreplaceable sensations that I’ll cherish. Another moment was when I was about to descend on my first legal night dive. At some point in a few years back, I was one of those kids that were looking down at us that were about to night dive and thinking ‘no way I would take an advance class and dive in darkness. I must be looney to do it.’ That pretty much states my current situation.

It’s funny what traveling does to you. Just when you think you haven’t done enough, small things on the road remind you the opposite. My advance dive trip brought me back to one of my square-ones and helped me realized that I’m now insane to enroll in advance class. Other times, I’m reminded of how far I’ve traveled whether it was diving in Aceh, beach hunting in Rote Island, lurking the forest of Tanjung Puting National Park, or becoming that stranger with a backpack on a foreign land. I’m pretty sure anyone that has traveled a few times experience this; be reminded of the distance they’ve achieved. These moments set me aside to take a breather and just be in the moment acknowledging I’ve actually challenged myself to move from my square one. It’s also a reminder for myself to express gratitude. I might not be on the roll of saving world peace or making billions, but I’m not ashamed of where I am in life. Another feel good weekend, it was. *Yoda smile*

Kepulauan Seribu

Maybe the captain wasn’t too happy I took over 😛


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7 years 26 days ago

Hi Mumun,

Great travel stories you have here! I was there at KL Convention Centre listening to your presentation, it was really good.

This story of yours somehow evokes nervousness on me as I’d be doing my first sea descend next month. Haih. I hope it work out well for me.


Kristin of Be My Travel Muse
7 years 22 days ago

OOOH glad I found this blog! I’m headed there in a few months and can’t wait to get tons of diving done!