Diving Komodo National Park

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Visiting Komodo National Park had been a long dream of mine. How would you not want to meet a dinosaur? I’m a geek, I know and I’m proud. Even so, the fact that they weren’t going anywhere, made me postpone any plans to travel to famous national park. However, it was different when it came down to diving Komodo National Park. Diving the area is best done with a live-on-board boat experience. This is a bit tricky considering a bunch of people needed to have the same diving interest at the same time. So, when Ibu Penyu made the trip, I thought, it’s now or never.

Diving Komodo National Park


The check-dive at Sebayur Island, outside of the Komodo National Park, alone was pretty awesome. There were a lot of lively corals, fishes, and creatures, enough to entertain me for an hour, but this was hardly enough to prepare me to witness what I was about to see diving Komodo National Park. In general, I was flabbergasted by the rich life within the water of Komodo National Park. It was so beautiful! Diving Komodo National Park was not only beautiful, it was also like going to a theme park; so fun and exciting! Here are my highlights of some of the most popular dive sites of Komodo National Park.

Crystal Rock

They say the first impression says everything. Diving first at Crystal Rock really said everything about the underwater scene. As a fan of live fish and corals, I was like a kid at a candy store or like a shopaholic at The Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world. So many of everything! I didn’t know where to look first, second, and always. Does that summon things up? I was pretty worried having this spot as the first diving spot. It had raised the bar. How could the next spots keep up with this?

Diving Komodo National Park - sharks

Castle Rock

During our dive here a mild current greeted us, enough for us to use our hooks. We hooked on once we saw sharks fight over something at this spot. FIGHTING SHARKS! Reef sharks, of course, but they were pretty big, probably about 2 meters long. Shark and currents, mix! It was like watching a live National Geography Wild special! It was thrilling and slightly scary, with thoughts that the sharks might suddenly see more potential source of flesh in us. There were about 4 or 5 sharks swirling around and a lot of fishes. Although a bit of a struggle, it paid off! We love sharks in the wild! Woohoo! #SaveSharks

Batu Bolong

As much beauty and underwater life that I’ve seen, I didn’t think it could get any better. It did. Batu Bolong means hole in the rock. On the surface, the island is just a rock with a hole in it. Underwater was a whole different league. I don’t know if it was the sun shining in or there was something in the water, but I’ve never seen so many colors in the water in my life. So many species of fish and so many in quantities. Descending felt like watching the original movie of The Wizard of Oz, as Dorothy came from a world of black and white to a colorful Oz. If you haven’t seen it, you should. That’s how it felt!

Diving Komodo National Park - Batu Bolong

Taka Makassar

This spot is famous for its drift and it’s the spot to see many many mantas. Some know this spot as the Manta Point for obvious reasons. Unfortunately during our visit, we didn’t see any mantas. Some boatmen said that most of them haven’t been seeing the mantas and reckon our visit just wasn’t at the right time. Not all is lost. I did remember seeing the largest stingray while descending. I think its body was like a meter in diameter and it was shockingly huge. We did drift a very long way on the bottom. As we drifted, we could see patches of live corals and growing ones on the sea floor. Baby sea corals are so cute!

Diving Komodo National Park - corals



We failed to be shot here because we missed the current time. This spot is called shotgun, not because you will be sitting beside the driver in an underwater car, but because you can have the sensation being a human bullet, shot through water. Can’t say how it was, but maybe you can tell us?

Ironically, first time visiting Komodo National Park didn’t involve me bumping into any komodo, but I saw a whole different world. This dive site is awesome! And I’m saying this after missing shotgun and the herd of mantas. I now know why people have put diving Komodo National Park on the same level as Raja Ampat and Wakatobi. I haven’t been to Raja Ampat, but Wakatobi is beautiful. Well, you could pretty much summon up whether I recommend this dive site or not.

Note: It would be wise to be an advanced diver when diving Komodo National Park. These spots are usually provided to those with an advance license or tons of logs considering the strong currents around the waters. Be wise and dive safe!

LOB Diving Komodo National Park


For a more holistic organized trip to Labuan Bajo and dive trip you can contact Ibu Penyu or email at ibupenyu@gmail.com.

Just for the dive trip alone, you canthe local dive master, Stan (0821 8983 2300).

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Wisnu Yuwandono
6 years ago

uwwww..kereen :O

6 years ago

Taka Makassar looks great – a whole kingdom under water! I’d love to dive in!

wisata bromo
6 years ago

Diving di Komodo National Park selain melihat keindahan bawah laut juga ada pemandangan savana nya.

wisata bromo
5 years ago

keren banget gan