Do An, A Nostalgia to Vietnamese Food Fiesta – Restaurant and Café in Jakarta part 4

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Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot for a restaurant to be a favorite of mine, like Do An, a restaurant that specializes in Vietnamese food. First of all, I like the food. But another reason is as simple as it is located only 5 minutes walk from where I live. Time efficiency, people!

My first encounter with Vietnamese food was actually in Vietnam, 2009. We had dao fu, which greatly disappointed yet entertained us, as well as bun bo hue, pho ga and a few more yummy ones. The fun and lovely memory of that trip stuck with me until now. Eating Vietnamese food here is always a good throwback to the trip.

Indochine trip

Now that I have been putting a few kg’s, Vietnamese food is one of my options to (at least try) to stay at the recent weight or even lose some. There are a lot of scrumptious spicy raw, boiled, grilled or steamed menu on the list. Be its rice noodle, chicken and beef slices, or simply raw greens like celery and fresh unripe mango with chili sauce. But of course, there are also fried everything, which are also dangerously delish >.<

vietnamese food

My favorite so far are the bun bo hue, steamed spring rolls and pho cay hai san. Bun bo hue, the original food from Hue city, consisted of rice noodle, spicy beef, bean sprouts and lettuce. It’s sour, slightly hot and spicy, with ingredients swimming in the clear orange soup. While the spring rolls are great because they’re compact; beef, shrimp and lettuce rolled by the steamed rice paper. You can dip the rolls in sweet sour and spicy sauce, balancing the bland with rich tastes. And it’s quite a challenge to use the chopsticks as not to get the fillings scatter out. The spring rolls are listed under Appetizer on their menu, but sometime just that one portion, consisted of 3 rolls, is enough to keep my belly full.

Pho cay hai san is spicy seafood and beef noodle soup mixed with satay broth. It’s a bit like the bun bo hue, but with nutty taste from the satay broth. Oh my, bless the lands of South East Asia with its spices!

vietnamese food

Do And also offers Vietnam’s special beverages and desserts. Vietnamese coffee, obviously, and sweet ingredients (like red beans, green sticky rice, and corn) in coconut-milky soups. Now I know I’m not supposed to have these desserts if I was concerned about the love handles I’ve been adding,… *trying so hard not to reach the dessert bowls*

Interior design can be a huge point for me to like a restaurant or café, I’m shallow like that. But not with Do An. This restaurant gets in my top 5 café and restaurant list only for the food and location. It is decorated with a minimum of Vietnamese elements, like lantern lamps and a huge picture of a woman in ao dai (Vietnamese woman’s traditional clothes) and cone hat, and a TV screen that plays Vietnamese entertainment shows repeatedly. So, there’s really nothing special about the design, just enough to set it apart from a French, Mexican or Balinese restaurant.

vietnamese food

Prices of the appetizers start from IDR 21, 500, main course from IDR 45,000 – 58,000, and desserts from IDR 15,000 to IDR 20,000. It’s not exactly cheap for my standard daily meal, but totally worth the yumminess! (is that even a word?)

In case you wonder why I’m writing about a Vietnamese restaurant on this website, I take it that you haven’t read this post 😉

Do An Vietnamese Restaurant
There’s one in Epicentrum Walk (in the Rasuna Epicentrum area, South Jakarta), one in CITOS (Cilandak Town Square, Cilandak, South Jakarta), one in Menteng Centra (HOS Cokroaminoto street, Menteng, Central Jakarta), and one in Kelapa Gading Mall (Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta) .


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