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With so many restaurants in Bali, it’s easy to drown yourself in good food, may it be fine dining or street food. However, there are times when you feel like you need a detox from all of that ‘good food’ to something more organic. In between the many choices of places to eat, especially in Seminyak, there’s a venue that can cleanse your gastronomic channels. Earth Cafe lies in the busy Laksamana street and ready to cater all those vegetarians in Bali.

Earth Cafe - pita bread

The Earth Café is part of the Down to Earth Company that lives to provide good and healthy produce (and food) to the people in Bali. Not only are the ingredients healthy, the foods in their restaurants are also calculated for its nutritional contents. I’ll take their word on it. They have a wide range of food choices, presented in a small cozy setting. The venue had Wi-fi, although we didn’t try it out, and the service was friendly; friendly enough to explain and recommend items on the menu.

Earth Cafe - The food, coffee, and people

The food was good and it balanced out the rich taste of Indonesian food. It wasn’t memorable food as I’ve had tastier vegetarian dishes. I do remember the bean sprouts were the small kind, which isn’t common in Indonesia. I did like that. I also tried their coffee, which wasn’t coffee. I think it was from a type of grain or nut that I can’t remember and I think it was decaf. I remember nodding to the interesting taste it gave me, and then shaking my head disagreeing to like it.

This café is located in the heart of a hipster crowd of Seminyak, known to have the most hip and trendy settings of Bali. It’s pretty appropriate considering vegetarian is a hipster thing if you refer to its definition of indie lifestyle, unusual for the common society. Predictably, you’ll find a vegetarian slash organic restaurant in Bali, as the island is known to be a place of cleansing the mind and the body. It’s been pretty hip ever since the release of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ movie and the growing Bali Spirit Festival. While vegetarian dishes are easy to find on menus at Bali restaurants, Earth Café can be a sure thing for those vegetarians who would prefer wider range of choices (or a more strict ideology of food).

Earth Cafe - the venue

And there was a visitor that bought a monkey when we were there. Doesn’t get any organic than that!

Aside to the café, the venue also has a shop that sells items to support one’s healthy lifestyle. They have organic soaps, grains for those that are bored with the typical ‘nasi goreng’ breakfast, and yoga equipment.

Earth Cafe

Jalan Laksmana 99,

Phone: +62 361 736 645


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